Chapter 3

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Lucy's eyes focused on the green journal lying on the antique desk in front of her. She debated with herself about what to do with it. If she took it to the police, two possible scenarios played out in her mind.

The first scenario involved the police and the city of Hilltop's residents throwing a ticker tape parade in her honor for turning in valuable evidence.

The second scenario, and the one more likely to occur, included the police thinking she was some sort of crazy person that wrote a journal claiming to be a serial killer.

Lucy sighed as she thought how unlikely the odds were for her to find such an item. Perhaps the journal really was a fake. She slowly opened the journal and read the second entry.


Salutations my dear friend. Tonight I was busy. I fear the beast took over yet again. Oh how I wish I could live my life peacefully and without the beast. He is a hungry animal and tonight he demanded to hunt.

I fear that one day he will forget to be careful in his eagerness. Hiding the carcasses of his victims is becoming somewhat of a chore.

Tonight he found a young blonde woman wearing a blue denim dress. An angel is what she appeared like. Lovely blonde curls fell down her back but all I could think of was seeing her hair matted in her own blood. What would it look like?

Do not worry my friend. I was able to eventually see it outside of my imagination and it was stunning. If you ask me where I hid the body, you must keep the answer a secret. There is an abandoned junkyard outside of town. I hid her corpse in the trunk of a candy apple red car. If anyone were ever to find her body, it would be years from now. Alas, it is late and I am tired. That is all for now.

Yours until death, O

Lucy reread the passage, "An abandoned junkyard outside of town." Lucy knew of one junkyard outside of town but she wasn't sure if it was abandoned or not. If this journal was real, then perhaps the body of the young woman was still there, waiting to be found.

"Should I check it out? Then I'd really know if the journal was real and I could take it to the police."

Lucy paced her living room floors, deciding what to do. She came to the conclusion that she had to discover if the journal was legitimate before taking it to the police. She was afraid the police would look at her record of drinking and driving and treat her as if she were a liar.

Her phone rang and Lucy answered it. It was Dillon, her sponsor, checking in on her, "How are things Ms. Lucy?"

"Dillon we just saw each other a few hours ago. I promise I didn't fall off the wagon," Lucy laughed.

"Rituals keep me sane Lucy, you know that," Dillon answered. She could hear an undercurrent of urgency in his voice.

"Is everything okay Dillon?"

"Fine. Everything's fine," he answered a bit abruptly. "Okay well I just wanted to make sure you're doing fine. I'll let you go. Call me if you need me."

Lucy felt like something was wrong, "Dillon you sound weird. Is everything okay?"

He coughed and answered, "Don't worry Lucy. I'm still clean and sober. I just have some personal issues to sort out...nothing to do with alcohol."

"You know I'm here for you, right?" Lucy reminded him.

"Of course I know. Just like I'm here for you," Dillon whispered. He then laughed, "Okay, that's enough of this wishy washy girly talk. I gotta go."

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