If you die I die

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Peter climbed higher, ignoring the frantic shouts from below. His earpiece came on with a crackle.

“Peter! Get out of there! Now!” Tony ordered. “It's going down! Get out of there!”

Peter focused on the small figure leaning out the window. “I can't. There's a kid up here!”

Tony’s voice was forcibly calm. “Peter, we can't save her, okay? Please, just listen to me! Get out of there!”

Peter pulled himself higher. “No. I'm not letting her die. Not if I have anything to say about it.”

Tony started to say something, but Peter pulled the device out of his ear, shoving it in his pocket. Then, moving steadily, he inched himself closer.

The girl looked at him, tears streaking her face. “Help me!” Peter reached out his hand.

A flame billowed, and she jerked back, almost losing her grip on the windowsill. Peter tightened his grip on her hand, pulling her closer. He started to climb down, but the building imploded, sending them both flying. The last thing he remembered was curling around the small girl to protect her.

Tony ducked behind the wall, covering his head. The shock wave hit, dust covering the ground in sheets. He coughed harshly. Several seconds passed before he glanced out. The building was a pile of rubble, the dust still settling over everything.


"Wake up..."


"I'm scared..."

Peter opened his eyes to the young girl crouching over him. She sobbed in relief when she saw his eyes open. They were in a small space, trapped under piled rock.

"I'm scared..." the girl whispered. Peter nodded, even the slight movement causing him pain. "I...know. I am...too." her eyes widened. "But you're a hero."

Peter pulled what remained of his mask off, and smiled gently. "Even heroes...get scared." She wiped her eyes. "Really?" He leaned his head back. "M-hm." She sat on her knees, hugging herself

"Are you hurt?" She asked after several minutes. Peter closed his eyes. "Yeah." It hurt the most in his legs. He couldn't move them. His ribs were painful, along with several pretty deep cuts and bruises on his upper body. He heard the girl's voice faintly, as if from a distance, then nothing.

Tony searched feverishly, his eyes scanning the piles of rubble. "Peter! PETER! Answer me!"

Peter jerked awake, gasping as pain shot through his body. The little girl was asleep, her head on his shoulder. She stirred when he moved, sitting up and pushing her hair out of her eyes.

"When will they find us?" She asked solemnly. Peter winced. "I don't know." She rubbed her eyes. "You shouldn't sleep. Mommy says that if you sleep when you're hurt, it might make it worse."

He smiled halfheartedly. "Yeah. Your mom is a wise person." The little girl grinned. "Yeah. She tells me that all the time. She says that I have to obey her, or I might get hurt."

She leaned closer, her face shining with mischief. "I think she just wants me to stop trying to uncover the aliens."

Peter tilted his head. "Is that so? What aliens?" Her eyes lit up, and she started prattling on. He gasped at all the right places, throwing in a wow occasionally.

"That sounds really interesting." He said when she was done. She hugged herself. "Of course you know about the aliens being real. I mean, you're spiderman. You fight them all the time."

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