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The next few weeks passed quickly.

In those few weeks, Keira was practicing hard, had her first ritual exam and she was still confused out of her mind. And all of it had to do with a certain someone named Darkness. He was always there with her, whenever she was assisting the shop, was outside or was sleeping. But the thing was that he didn't come to talk or demanding for marriage or not even for that weird obsession he had with her soul. Basically, he was looking out for her from behind shadows.

And that weirded her to no end. Just a few weeks ago he was insulting her and then suddenly he was everywhere she went, protecting her secretly. So, she didn't have the right to ask him anything. Did she? What were they to each other? Nothing. Her heart just felt something when he was close, that's it.

She sighed. 

That had to be an effect for saying I do. Maybe she should start writing journals to stop future generations from saying I do if they didn't want to feel something from their other halves. And, not to mention her mother's disposed body popping up in her dreams asking to be free from the mirror night after night wasn't helping either.

She was no doubt going insane. 

"Kyra! You are losing concentration. Again!"

A groan left from Keira's lips as she angrily lifted the knife and threw it on the wall, all the while not even using her eyes and hands. After three tries, she was dismissed. So, she spoke the first thing running through her mind for days.

"Why do we have to wait for this long? Didn't we find my sister weeks ago? And now even I'm ready."

Apparently, when Hannah told Keira that she found her sister she thought that they were going to go after her the moment she got the box her mother wanted. But Hannah stopped her from going without another training or more like a couple of training sessions. Keira didn't understand what Hannah was so afraid of. 

"You know the rules. Everything we do always comes with a price. And we're not allowed to release someone who's trapped for so many years. I'm doing this favor for you."

Which made it worse to lie in Hannah's face.

Keira knew more than anyone that releasing someone like that was a disaster. She had done that mistake before that she was thrown into this life without any consent. But this time it was different. This time it was her family, her sister, and mother. Before she could go deeper into her thoughts, Hannah broke the silence.

"I needed to see if you were truly ready. But you're right. I can see you're ready to take down anything. It's time we come across her. And oh we won't go through any transport, we will teleport to the exact place." She informed and immediately Keira's stomach coiled in distress, her face paling at the thought of teleporting.

"We will teleport?" Keira mumbled remembering her first-time teleport. The first time she teleported, she vomited away everything she ate. Embarrassment wasn't the even exact emotion she was feeling right then. 

Hannah had this perfect idea that they should teleport into a market so that they didn't have to walk there. So, Keira teleported in the middle of the market and boom! There went her lunch. People were looking at her in disgust and Hannah had a weird smile on her face. If Keira didn't ignore her gut feelings, then even Darkness was present there somewhere to see her glorious moment.

She really didn't want to reminisce that time...

"Hannah? Can we not-"

"First, we don't have time." Hannah cut Keira's words off with a shake of her head. "And secondly we can't just waste time traveling to where she lives. Then again I remember perfectly your own quote;

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