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I felt a pair of hands grab my shoulders and shake me.
"Colby! Colby! It's okay love, it's just a dream." I opened my eyes to see Sam standing over, looking worried.
"It felt so real... But it was just a dream."
I sat up, breathing heavily thinking about my dream. Sam's body pressed into me as he gently played with my hair.
"What time is it?" Whispering to Sam, I couldn't help but watch Sam's body movements.
"It's 4:36A.M." He checked his phone quickly. Sighing I laid back down, trying to relax.
"Don't you wish that dream was real? It would've been great. You'd finally being dead."
A sigh escaped from my lips, drawing Sam's attention.
"What are you thinking?"
"I don't know..." Shaking my head, I looked into Sam's blue eyes. Taking every detail about him as possible. Sam is just so fricking cute I just wanted to kiss his soft lips. He must've been thinking the same thing because he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him gently, running my hands down to his hips.
"I can't decide if you are absolutely disgusting or if this is okay."
Sam is so gentle with every move he makes it's makes me blush. I wonder what he thinks about me. Am I gentle or am I more of a dominant type of person?
"God Colby... I love you so much." Sam kissed me once more before he laid beside me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I love you too Sammy." I mumbled softly to Sam. Sam snuggled closer to me, not wanting to let go. I felt safe with Sam and loved. I nuzzled closer to Sam, gently pressing my face into Sam's neck.
"God, I really love Sam."

It wasn't long before both of us woke up to a loud crack of thunder. Lighting struck, lighting the inside of my bedroom.
"No way. This can't be a thunderstorm, this is awesome!" Sam got up so suddenly and ran to my window, excitingly watching the storm.
"Yeah... That's pretty awesome..." I said breathlessly as I got up to follow Sam. The deep rolling clap of thunder shook the house as it started to rain even harder.
"Wow." I moved away from the window and moved to my door, opening it. It was so dark in the house that I had to use my phone flashlight to see as I walked to the stairs. I particularly ran the back door where apparently everyone else was standing and watching. Another lighting bolt lit the sky up again. A rather loud clap of thunder followed again making Sam jump and hold on to me.
"This is pretty awesome..." Sam held onto me, staring at the sky. I nodded, watching Corey start laughing as it poured and lighting lit the sky.
"It's something else." I kissed Sam's cheek, wanting to feel his warmth. I must've drawn Corey's attention because he went wide eyed and stared at me.
"Colby. What the fuck did you just do?!"
"I um... That doesn't matter Corey."
"Are you fucking serious?! This is a joke right?!"
"Corey.... Can we not..?"
"You just kissed Sam! How can I not ignore that?!" Sam was also staring at Corey at this point, unsure what to say. Thanks to Corey, all of my other roommates was watching us.
"C - Corey..."
"So you are gay! Wow. Just wow. And you never thought to tell us?!" Corey just kept singling me out, making me severely uncomfortable.
"Leave him alone Corey..." Sam usually gentle voice grown into more stern as he glared at Corey.
"He should've told us he is gay! Yet he has to be a secretive little bitch and not say anything like usual."
"Enough! Just drop it Corey!" I snapped having heard enough from him. I didn't want to deal with more drama so I left as fast as I can.
"Corey! What are you doing?!" Sam snapped at Corey, very much angry that Corey was mad at and singled out Colby.
"I - I don't know.... Oh god... I'm so sorry..."

Okay I'm sorry but I need to let yall know that I currently writing another book still on Sam and Colby but I'll have a posting schedule now for this book. I'll only post on Thursdays and Saturdays. I don't know how many chapter I'll post but you know that I'll only post on Thursday and Saturday every week. Sorry for interrupting, I'll leave now.
Love ya!

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