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I rushed down the halls of Ridgewood  High trying to get to my locker and grab my things for first period before the second bell rang. I don't know why I was rushing anyways, I was going to be late no matter what so there isn't really a point, but that thought didn't really cross my mind as I scurried through the pool of students. Finally I made it to my locker and rushed my combination, unlocking my locker and grabbing my things before slamming it shut and running off to class. Making it down the hall of my home room and seeing my teacher stand outside the door watching students walk in, I ran faster to make it just as the bell rang. My teacher looked at me with a smirk before closing the door right in my face. He smiled at me outside the other side of the door.

"Ugh! Mr. Chapinini come on! I was late by not even 2 seconds!" I exclaimed as he rolled his eyes and his smile grew wider.

"Yes, but late is still late Miss Monét, you know this." I fought to roll my eyes at his pettiness.

"Come on, I've been on time this entire week, cut me some slack I had a rough morning." I begged.

"Every morning I come here to be with you spoiled brats is a rough morning for me Miss. Monét and yet I still manage to make it to school on time. You're not entering my class room unless you can somehow get a pass. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a class to teach." He said before letting down the blinds of the window. I groaned and rolled my eyes before making it down the hall to go to the counselors office.

Once I got there I asked the secretary to speak to my counselor and she let me in. I knocked on her door before getting the invitation to enter. 

"Good morning Mrs. Laienwald, how are you?" I asked her politely trying to make conversation.  Without turning around she chuckled and answered me.

"Good morning Victoria, I'm fine and yourself ?" She asked back. I smiled at her and decided to cut the small talk and get what I came for.

"I'm kind of annoyed, but it's fine. I was wondering if you could give me a pass for my first period? Mr. Chapinini is being a pain this morning." I asked. She turned and smiled at me before doing me the favor.

"Of course Victoria." She said writing me the pass and giving it to me. I thanked her before turning to leave her office but she stopped me.

"Oh and Victoria?" She said. I tuned back to her. "Try not to be late again okay?" I nodded my head before leaving.

Gosh, I really don't want to go to this class. Mr. C is suck a jerk. I get it, you don't like your job. Well quit, it isn't our fault you're here. Maybe if you chose to be more successful in life you wouldn't be teaching "spoiled brats".

"Ugh!" I groaned loudly before knocking on the door to Mr. C's class.  He came to the door and opened it, allowing me in.

"Miss Monét, how nice of you to join us." He says, making the class giggle as if he'd actually said something funny. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to go to my seat but stopped abruptly when I seen a whole human body sitting in it.

I stared at the person before rolling my eyes. I know this bitch, out of all bitches, isn't sitting in my unassigned, assigned seat. I clear my throat grabbing hers and the classes attention. She looked up at me before rolling her eyes.

"Can I help you Monét?" She asked me with an attitude. Bitch you're sitting in my seat and have the nerve to have an attitude. I furrowed my brows at her before speaking.

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