Chapter 41

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Harry's P.O.V:

I can't breathe.

My lungs are screaming, I'm trying to taste oxygen and all I get is that same water drowning my lungs, I can't get out.

My eyes are burning, blurring from the pressure in my head of trying to breathe but getting nothing but suffocated from the inside out, my throat is on fire.

Everything is black around me, and all I can see is her face above the water begging me to go up to her but I can't, they're keeping me down here.

I'm terrified.

I keep trying to scream but nothing comes out, thrashing around and feeling that same tight asphyxiation in my lungs as water fills them.

I just want it to stop.

I keep slipping deeper and deeper, looking down and seeing them dragging me, keeping me in the hell I can never get away from.

I look up, fighting and gasping as the weight of the water around me crushes me, hearing that same ringing in my ears as the fear rips into my chest, I'm never getting away.

All I can see is her now, staring back down at me, all she wants to do is help me, and my chest tightens even more wishing she could.

But she can't.

I reach my arms up trying to get closer to her as I sink lower, I want her to save me, to make it all go away, but she can't

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I reach my arms up trying to get closer to her as I sink lower, I want her to save me, to make it all go away, but she can't.

Her heartbroken face just begs for me above the water.

I just want Abby.

They'll never let me go, I'll be like this forever.

She can't help me without me dragging her down with me and I'd never do that to her.

I'd rather die.

I feel that same relief wash over me, when my heart starts to slow, my body giving out as my lungs fill with liquid and my vision starts to go black.

This is the only way it'll ever stop.

It'll be quiet soon.

But then that same horrifying voice plays around me, the one that's haunted and petrified me since I can remember, and my blood runs cold, the devil himself playing in my head.

"It's time to take your medicine, boy"

My eyes snap open as I shoot up bolt straight, gasping and feeling like my heart is hammering out my chest, feeling my whole body drenched in sweat.

I press my trembling hands to my face, trying to suck in all the air I can, clenching my teeth together to try and push the images out of my head.

I've had these nightmares since I was a kid, the same torture repeating over and over again, so I can't even escape this prison even when I'm asleep.

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