Childhood- The Sidemen & The Pack Part 2

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

"So Lachlan and I were in English..." Vikk said, smirking at me when I groaned and tried to fall off the couch because I just wanted to be dramatic. But I also really, really, didn't want him to tell the story, not because it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, it really wasn't because I was a clumsy piece of shit, but because I really didn't want to embarrass myself in front of people that I'd just met.

I had heard a lot about the Sidemen from Vikk, he talked about his roommates and friends quite a lot so I knew a fair bit about them, but not so much that I thought that I knew them. They also didn't know much about me other than what Vikk had told them, and I found out that although Vikk had told them a lot, it was mostly useless information.

I didn't hear Vikk tell the story to the others but I did hear the sniggers and the laughter that came from the lines that Vikk spoke, telling of my misfortune and my idiocy. I didn't bother to listen to what he was saying because I knew the story far too well, and only looked up when Simon placed a hand on my shoulder, getting me to sit back up on the couch.

My face was bright red and I buried my head in my hands, watching for the reactions of the others. The Pack all knew about the story of course and were just laughing at my misfortune but the others, the Sidemen, all seemed to be laughing or snickering at my failure.

"You're a dickhead Vikk." I glared at him, peering at him through my fingers. The tips of my ears were bright red.

"I know." He grinned, poking his tongue at me. "But you love me."


We spent the next few days being shown around London by the Sidemen, all the sights there was to see. We were toured around the city and although I loved it, a part of me wanted to spend some more time with the Pack boys alone, I hadn't seen them in years and I just wanted to be with them again.

Vikk seemed to notice because after the first day he stuck by my side a lot more, he barely left my side and didn't want to leave alone without a member of the Pack there, because he noticed how I didn't interact much with the Sidemen.

I appreciated it but it also made me feel like I was being a burden on him because as much as I wanted to have fun, I felt like shit because I wasn't great with the whole... social interaction thing. It had been apart of my life for a long time and the others knew about it, and did their best to accommodate it.

When I was around new people I tended to over compensate, coming off as energetic and loud and maybe even slightly drunk because that was what my anxiety made me do. I didn't even realise until afterwards how I had been acting.

"You right Lachy?" Vikk asked, coming over to my desk. I was editing some videos to go up tomorrow and the days after because again, we were going out the next day to look around the city. I think we were going to a trampoline park, I didn't even know why.

"Mmm I'm fine. Just tired I think." He looked me over, scrutinizing me. He knew I was lying.

"Lachlan..." He sighed. I looked away. "I know you aren't completely comfortable here and I understand that, it's not your fault. It'll be okay, the Sidemen love having you here. You aren't being a drag, you aren't being a burden and you're fine. It's okay."

I sighed and lowered my head, he always knew exactly what to say to quash my doubts. He always knew what my doubts were and when I was having them, even when I didn't think he could tell that I was having those doubts. Somehow, he always knew.

He kneeled down beside my desk so he was eye level with me and placed a finger underneath my chin, tipping my head back so I was looking him in the eyes. He placed his other hand on my knee.

"The boys love having you here and you aren't being overly energetic. They understand Lachlan, they understand how you feel and they understand why you act like you do." I blinked slowly as the words made their way into my head.

He stood up and hugged me, letting me rest my chin on my shoulder.

"Thank Vikk." I sighed. "You always know what to say." He looked at me and smiled.

"I've known you literally all my life, you'd hope I know what to say." He paused. "You ready for tomorrow?" I sighed.

"Not really. Not looking forward to it." There were multiple reasons for that, mostly social interaction, exercising in front of others, multiple opportunities to embarrass myself and it was in a public place too, wham, wham, wham, wham.

"You'll be right Lachy." He squeezed my hand. "I'll be there and so will the boys, every step of the way."


I was nervous the next morning but less so than I thought I was going to be. Vikk must have told the other members of the Pack that my anxiety was playing up more than usual because Preston was a little quieter than normal and Mitch and Rob hugged me quite a lot, whispering little compliments into my ear.

Rob wrapped his arms around my shoulders, whispering into my ear while I was sitting at the bar eating breakfast.

"You alright this morning?" I shrugged. "It'll be okay, we'll be there if you need us."

On the ride to the trampoline park I sat in the back beside Vikk and Josh, JJ driving and Mitch up in the front passenger seat. Vikk leaned over occasionally and squeezed my hand but the running jokes between Josh and JJ made me smile and relax a little. Neither of them seemed to care.

I wasn't completely relaxed but it was much better than I normally was when I was in public, most of the time I was on the verge of a panic attack but with the Pack boys beside me I was almost calm. There was a tiny smile on my lips and Vikk spotted it because he grinned right back at me.

Our time at the trampoline park was for a Sidemen Sunday video but rather than a challenge video it was just a vlog of us having fun and a bit of an introduction to me and the Pack. I had to admit, I had fun.

It was mostly us jumping around and pushing each other over and although I embarrassed myself on a few occasions, so did everyone else. We all fell over, we all made mistakes, we all pushed each other over and laughed and had fun and it was so stupid but so great.

I almost fell asleep on the car ride home I was so exhausted and Vikk grinned, smiling at me.

"Did you have fun?" I nodded.

"It was better than I thought it was going to be." I paused. "Thanks Vikk."

"I'm glad I got you out of your shell, for one day at least."

"Just like the old days... reminds me of our childhood." Vikk smirked.

"I so got you back earlier by the way." He snickered. "I'm so not sorry."

"I know you aren't. I'm still not over how you told them how I fell of the roof of the classroom on the first day of knowing them!" He giggled, playfully slapping my arm.

"Payback. That's all I have to say."

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