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"What are your plans for thanksgiving?" Spencer asked me one day. We were walking around a park together. I looked up at him with a curious look.

"You do know that I'm British, right? We don't really celebrate thanksgiving."

He looked slightly embarrassed as he laughed at himself. "Yeah, I do remember that about you. Still, are you doing anything next Thursday?"

"Nope. I am completely free that day."

"Would you want to have dinner with me? I can't go to Las Vegas to spend the holiday with my mother."

"Your work friends didn't invite you?"

He shrugged. "I wanted to be with you."

That made me blush. "Spence, I'd love to."

"Great!" he said with a wide smile. I stood on my toes to meet his lips. It was short but still absolutely sweet. Spencer wasn't one for PDA and neither was I. His hand gently took mine. We continued walking through the park. We were cutting through on our way to my apartment from where we had grabbed dinner. It was cold out but we were in warm coats.

And I didn't mind anyway. I was glad just to be with Spencer. He had gotten home from almost a week long case. I knew he must be exhausted but he tried not to show it. The somehow ever present bags under his eyes were a bit darker than usual. His voice was hoarse as well.

We exited the park. There weren't many other people braving the weather tonight. As the sun set, it only got colder. We chatted about plans for our next date as we got closer to our destination.

We had just stopped outside of my apartment complex when his phone went off in his pocket. His hand slipped from mine and I immediately missed the warmth of his touch. He sighed before answering the call.

"Hello? What?" His eyebrows furrowed and he looked at me nervously. "Yes, I understand. I'll be there in 23 minutes." He stuffed the phone back into his pocket.

"Are you alright?" I asked. I knew it was a case, but something on his face made me think it was more than just that.

"A past unsub just escaped from prison. We're being called to help track him down since we've already built a profile around him. I have to go."

"Oh, jeez. Alright. Good luck and be safe, Spence."

He hugged me quick and kissed me. "I will. I'll call you when I get the chance."

With that, he walked to where he had left his car parked in front of my building. I watched him drive off. When I turned to walk inside, there was a drunk looking man against the outside wall. I pulled my jacket tighter against my body as I tried not to draw his attention.


"Jamie, where did our last copy of Macbeth go?"

"What do you mean?" He walked around the desk to see what I was talking about.

I narrowed my eyes at the computer screen in front of me. "It says we have one left that hasn't been checked out but I can't find it anywhere."

"I haven't seen it around." I rolled my eyes and scribbled onto the notepad next to me. "Think its another stolen book?"

"That'd be the 5th this month! I think we need to let Atticus know."

"I'll message him." Jamie tapped the desk as he walked away. I sighed in frustration. Sure we had people steal from us in the past, but never this much in this short of time.

I walked back out to the front desk. "I'm sorry but it seems we don't have any more copies in the library at this time. You could be notified when a copy comes back if you'd like."

"It's alright. My daughter needs a copy this week. I'll just have to go somewhere else." I nodded. "Thank you, though!" The woman gave me an apologetic smile before leaving.

As I was left alone, I let my thoughts wander. Of course they wandered to Spencer. I hadn't heard from him yet today. He didn't have a case so he was just in the office for normal hours. I was glad, but that meant there really wasn't a reason for him to have not answered my texts this morning. I just tried to push that out of my mind and know that he was okay.

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