【07. ʜᴏᴡᴀʀᴅ's ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ】

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❆ 1991 ❆

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Freya was currently on the phone to Howard, she had heard that he was going away with his wife, Maria, for Christmas and they did keep in contact over the phone, but Freya never really went and visited Howard and his family anymore "we're just stopping off at the Pentagon for a few minutes before we leave." Howard said making Freya smirk "you decide to take your wife away on a relaxing Christmas holiday, without Tony, and you still somehow manage to involve work. Honestly, Howard, and you call yourself not busy?" Freya heard him let out a chuckle "I know, I shouldn't be involving work when I'm about to go away, but it's just dropping off something. Nothing that will take hours." Freya nodded with a small smile "yes, because nothing ever takes hours with you." That earned her another chuckle "you know, Freya, you're really star--" Freya's face fell when she heard crashing and groaning on the other end of the phone "Howard? Howard?" She heard a dragging noise "Freya..." Howard sounded like he was badly injured "Howard, stay there, I'll get someone to come and find you." Freya turned to ask Director Nick Fury for help but Howard started talking again.

"Freya...you need to know...I love you...I'll always love you." Freya let out a deep breath "you're gonna be fine, Howard." She heard a groaning and then footsteps "Sargent Barnes?" Then she heard noise like something was being punched "Howard?" Freya could hear the faint cries of Maria calling out for Howard, then she heard silence before the phone was picked up "they're dead, hail HYDRA." The line went dead and Freya moved the phone away from her ear "Freya?" Nick asked she looked at him "they're dead. He's dead. Howard is dead." Nick wrapped his arms around Freya and hugged her, Freya was like a daughter to Nick and he was like a father to her, they were always there for each other. The two ended the hug "Howard told me that he loves me, he always will, he was referring to our 2 year relationship from 1949--1951, I stopped it because of age difference. It's too late to help him now." Nick knew that whenever someone closed to Freya died it impacted her greatly, but he also knew that it made her stronger and made her powers stronger. Nick knew it would be hard for her to not go to the funeral, so he knew she would but she would just be there in disguise where no one would recognise her.


Freya stood by a tree with Fury, she wore black boots, jeans, top and jacket as she watched Howard and Maria's coffins be buried in the ground, she knew she would have to watch this one day but she hoped it was later when she was finally with someone she could be happy with, everyone soon started leaving and once everyone but Peggy had left Freya walked over. The two woman linked arms "he never stopped loving you, you know?" Peggy asked Freya nodded "I know." Freya said as she looked at Howard's grave for a while before the two started walking down the path, they got to Axelia's grave and Freya crouched down placing her hand on it "I miss her, I love her." Peggy placed a hand on her friend's shoulder even though Peggy was in her late 70s, early 80s now she was still a good friend to Freya, they would always be good friends due to the amount of things they've gone through together. Freya was even there when Peggy decided to get married and settle down which meant she met all of the family as they were growing up and become Aunt Freya to all of Peggy's kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. That's how close their friendship was and still is.

Freya stood back up "come on, me and Nick will get you home." Freya said they walked her back to the car and dropped her off at her house before they left, but while driving someone landed on this roof and bullets were being shot. Freya moved herself and grabbed Nick pulling him into her as she used her body to shield his from the bullets, they crashed and Freya let go of Nick "what just happened?" Freya got out of the car "go get back up, now." Nick left and ran to get back up whirl Freya's power changed her into her armour, people were stopping to watch the fight. Freya started fighting Bucky Barnes, she figured HYDRA must have sent him to get her again but when Bucky heard sirens he immediately aborted, Freya went back to her normal clothes before looking around at all the people staring "don't you have shit to do?" Everyone immediately started walking again while Freya went to go find Fury.

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