【06. ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs】

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❆ 1982 ❆

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Freya was being held captured at HYDRA, something had gone wrong in the middle of her mission and now she was being beaten and interrogated by them "we know that Miss Carter's told you where it is, so I'm going to ask you one last time...where is the last vile of Captain America's blood?" Freya looked the HYDRA leader in the eyes with a look that could kill "I'll never tell you." Freya said the leader shook his head and punched her round the face, she was now bleeding from the mouth. Freya looked up at him before she started attacking and also fighting the other agents, Freya smashed the wooden chair on the ground and it broke meaning she was free to fight more. Freya started using her powers to defeat them, dragging her hand across the ground and up in the air she created a trail of ice that followed her hand movements, killing a couple of HYDRA agents. Freya grabbed the leader and wrapped the chain around his neck "who are you?" The leader asked, Freya looked at him "Freya Snow, you're worst nightmare." Freya then pushed him and left the room as the leader died, she then came upon some sort of cell.

Prying open the door with her strength, she walked in and saw some sort of Cryo chamber, Freya walked closer and looked inside to see a man with long hair and a beard. His eyes were closed but yet to Freya he looked familiar, she got out a photo Peggy had given to her and looked at it carefully. The three in the photo were Peggy, Bucky and Steve that's what made Freya look back at the Cryo chamber, because the man inside was Bucky Barnes, an old friend of Steve and Peggy's which now made sense. Freya looked around to see if there was some sort of code that would allow her to open the chamber, but all she found was a file with all the information in it. Freya grabbed the file and ran out of the room as she heard more agents approaching, she ran so fast that the other agents couldn't add up, that's what Freya liked about having powers she always had an advantage at getting away or winning. Freya got outside and saw Peggy waiting for her, she jumped in the car and they drove off back to S.H.I.E.L.D. but Freya didn't show Peggy what was in the file while they were driving incase it caused Peggy to be distracted.


They got back to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Freya passed the file to Peggy "I found a Cryo chamber with a man inside, that files has all the information about him and what they did to him." Peggy opened the file and immediately stopped "that's Bucky." Freya nodded leaning against the table "they've wiped his memory and brainwashed him, they do it after something in his mission goes wrong and then they freeze him again to, I guess, stop his aging or enhance whatever abilities they've given him." Peggy placed the file on the table and sat down "we can't let anyone find this, we have to hide it." Freya nodded taking the file from Peggy "I'll keep it buried, it won't be found." Peggy nodded before walking away as Freya went to hide the file, she sat down on her bed and side thinking back at the past 37 years that she's been on Earth. This place had become her home. She has so many friends here who actually understand and after being owned by men for hundreds of years she is finally free, Freya stood up and walked out of her room to meet with Peggy again "you okay?" Peggy asked and Freya nodded with a smile "I just...I keep thinking about Tony, and then I think about Axelia. Then I think about the 37 years on Earth and it's almost like Asgard never existed, and I'm glad because I've been owned by men for hundreds of years because I was growing up as a fragile princess, now I can be who I'm meant to be." Peggy smiled at her "the pain made me who I am now. And I'm glad it did, because it's a much better life." The two hugged again, Freya finally had a home where she felt like she belonged.

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