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Pen Your Pride

Leanne's POV-

I was in bed still laying beside Sex God or Nathan as that's what he said his name was. Last night was fucking amazing, we ended up doing it one more time, it was truly the best sex I've ever had. It looked at the time and it was 10am, I quietly crept out of the bed and I tip-toed over to get my dressing gown from the back of my chair and I walked out of the bedroom leaving Nathan asleep. I walked into the living area, the living room and kitchen were joint and open plan. I wondered over to the kitchen and I put the kettle on, I stood against the kitchen counters and I rested my head against them. I then had flashbacks of what happened last night....

**Seeing Sex God from across the bar.

**He asks to go somewhere more private.

**We end up here, and just within minutes of walking through the door we were snogging each others faces off.

**Going into the bedroom.

**Him touching me down there.

**Him entering me.

**Him exploding in me.

'Morning whorebag,' Katie said as she walked out of her bedroom, which brought me back to reality.

'Morning K,' I answered, I always called her K.

'Have fun last night?' she winked.

'I did indeed,' I replied with a big smile on my face.

'Yeah, it sounded like it 'Ahh Nathan' 'Ahh fuck me', kind of gave it away...was he good?' she laughed as she imitated me.

'I don't sound like that and...yeah...he's pretty satisfying,' I responded. I then saw my bedroom door open and the Sex God himself appeared, I couldn't help but smile. He came over to me and said,

'I'd better get going,' he said in a husked tone.

'Ah O.K...I'll walk you to the door,' I answered, but I was feeling a bit sad that he had to go. We walked into the hallway, I closed the living room door behind me.

'It was nice meeting you Leanne...I had...a very interesting night,' he said as he looked at me without taking his eyes off of me...the same kind of way he was looking at me last night.

'Yeah, my night weren't so bad either,' I answered as I bit my lip.

'Don't bite your turns me on,' he said before he kissed me on the lips, but he pulled away before it could get too heated. He then walked out of the flat.

*Two Weeks Later...

It had been two weeks since my sexual encounter with the Sex God...I had heard nothing from him...maybe I was shit in bed and he doesn't want to see me again. However, me on the other hand, I was pining for him...I wanted him to make me feel good again. I was laying on the sofa, watching Monsters Inc with the girls, when my phone vibrated, I had got a text from my cousin, Jay. It said,

'Alright L, me and my mates are having a little gathering at out flat to celebrate getting in the band. Come along and bring the girls...and some alcohol. Let me know if you're gonna come, would be great to see you, it's been a while ;Dxx'. Oh yeah, my cousin Jay has been trying to get a place in a new boyband called 'The Wanted' and he's finally got a place, I am so proud of him, that's why I haven't really seen him later.

'Girls, Jay's having a get together at his flat tonight, you wanna go?' I asked them, hoping they would say yes.

'I wanna go,' Soph replied quickly. Soph has always had a crush on Jay....and sometimes I think Jay liked Soph in a way.

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