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        NALA WAS NOT happy that Danny had managed to drag her out of her house to go to the formal

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NALA WAS NOT happy that Danny had managed to drag her out of her house to go to the formal. Two weeks ago, Nala would've been jumping at the chance to go to the formal, dress shopping with Lydia and Allison, possibly bringing Stiles as a date, and having fun, forgetting about Peter and the hunters for a night.

But, now that everyone hated her, the girl stood in the corner of the room, a cup of spiked punch in her hand, watching Danny, her only current friend, dancing with a handsome guy from the lacrosse team.

She glanced over at Lydia, who was sat at a table with Stiles, of all people, who seemed to be attempting to get her to dance.

Of course Lydia would take Stiles after what I did, she thought, gritting her teeth, although she understood perfectly why everyone hated her. She fucked up, big time, and she said some things she really regretted to Lydia. Sure, sometimes Nala did feel overshadowed and sometimes replaceable by Lydia, but she still loved her. She one of her best friends, she was someone who was always there for her, and the fact that Nala messed that all up was eating away at her.

Maybe Nala was overreacting. Not everyone hated her, there were plenty of beefcake jocks that had asked her to dance throughout the night, but she turned them all down, earning a whine of protest from each and every one of them.

"I thought you were easy." One muttered as he walked off, and of course, Nala heard it loud and clear.

"Excuse me?" She grabbed his arm, turning him around, "What did you just say to me?" She narrowed her eyes at him.

"I said, I thought you were easy." He spat, attempting to intimidate the girl, who scoffed in response, before winding her fist back and knocking it into his solid jaw.

"What the fuck?" He yelled, gaining the attention of almost everyone in the room, including the chaperones.

Huffing at the boy who was cradling his cheek and sporting an impressive split lip, she flipped her hair over her shoulders and strutted out of the Gym, knowing that she was about to get kicked out anyway.

          Pulling out her phone, Nala scrolled through her contacts, picking out Sofia's contact and calling her Aunt to pick her up.

         "Hey Sofia, please don't be mad."

        Surprisingly, Sofia wasn't that mad about Nala being kicked out of the formal, seeing ad though she was defending herself from a creepy guy that was harassing her, even going to the lengths of stopping at Taco Bell on their way home.

         "Nala." Sofia caught her nieces attention, the aforementioned girl spacing out on the couch, lost in her own mind.

         "Huh?" She shook her head, snapping herself out of her trance and turning to Sofia.

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