2018: Chapter 4

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After I finished moving everything into Demi's home, I decided it was time to tell Nick. I had a red mark on my cheek from when Liam slapped me earlier. "Hey what happened there?" Demi lightly touched the spot on my cheek where I took the hit from Liam. I winced. "Liam slapped me before we broke up" I told her. She hugged me, and I gladly returned the hug. "It's going to be okay, I promise" she said. I nodded. "Thanks Dem. Can you watch Mason and Kehlanhi while I talk to Nick?" I asked her. She smiled. "Of course! I'll be happy to!" She said. I could hear the kids cheering. "Be good for Aunt Demi!" I said as I walked out.

*at Nick's house*

6:37 pm. Nick would most likely be awake. I got out of my car, with the DNA test in hand, and walked to the front door. I knocked anxiously. A few moments later, Nick answered the door. He looked surprised. "Clarissa?" He asked. I smiled slightly. "Hey" I said. Nick's attention turned to my cheek. "Come inside" he said. I walked into Nick's living room and he got me an ice pack for my cheek. "Thank you" I said softly. He sat on the couch next to me. "What happened?" He asked. I sniffled slightly, tears welling up in my eyes. "Liam slapped me... because we got into a fight. And we broke up. We called off our wedding and everything." I said, my voice breaking at some points. Nick looked confused. "But you got engaged yesterday! How did it go south that quickly?" He asked, sounding concerned. I then handed him the DNA test. "Mason and Kehlanhi... are your babies. I'm so sorry I never told you" I said. He studied the DNA test. "How did you get a DNA sample?" He asked me. "I kept a few of your things after we broke up... nothing big... just a few of your old t shirts and your comb. I saw there was a few strands of hair on it and got the test. The babies are yours" I said. Nick looked shocked. "C-Can I see them?" He asked.

Many thoughts rushed through my head. After our break up? Him not even bothering to stop by for the past two years? He knew we had sex and just didn't care if I got pregnant! He broke up with me, literally, the next day. I looked at him. "No" I said bluntly. He looked hurt. "What? Why won't you let me see my own kids? I've been out of their life for the past two years, but I want to change that" he said. Damn he sounded sincere. I shook my head. "You can't, Nick. Now's just not a good time" I said, getting off the couch and walking towards the door. Nick gently grabbed my wrist. "Clarissa please!" He begged. I snapped my wrist away. "After what you put me though, you expect me to just let you into the kids' lives?! You had sex with me. You broke up with me. Once you saw the picture of the twins on Instagram you could've came over and questioned if they were yours, but no." I said, angered slightly. I admit, I didn't tell him the truth in the first place but he could've done something to make me want to tell the truth. My life is in shambles now, because of his stupid choice to not put on a goddamn condom. "I-I'm really sorry Clarissa" Nick said. "Goodbye Nick." I said, and walked out of the house.

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