33: I'm sorry, Scott.

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Scott was beaming for days after the gender reveal party. He and Wesley took it upon themselves to finish decorating the nursery, but that didn't last long because I walked in to see the two fast asleep on the rocking chair we got for the room. They looked beyond adorable, but I knew they would wake up with sore backs so I gently picked our son up and carried him to his bedroom and tucked him into bed before returning to wake up Scott.
He rubbed his eyes and yawned, stretching his arms above his head before smiling in the cutest way possible and motioning me over. I sat on his lap and we got comfortable as we admired the pastel painted room and baby furniture.
His arms were around me and his cheek was against my shoulder and even though we didn't say anything for a few minutes, I knew what he was thinking.
"We need to think of baby names," I started, resting my head against his shoulder.
"Ooh— what about.. Amelia?"
"I don't know how I feel about both having L's in their names.. Grace?"
"Grace was the name of my first girlfriend in first grade," I chuckled and Scott smiled. "Arianna? What about.. oh, what about Piper?"
"Isn't that the name of someone from that one show you watch? The prison show on Netflix?" I asked, getting comfortable with my arms around his stomach.
"Oh shit, yeah." He chuckled. "I don't want to name our daughter after a prison character."

Scott PoV

After a short minute, Mitch sat up. "Declan?"
"Isn't that a boys name?"
"So? I think it's cute."
"Sure, love. Declan works,"
He then groaned, "You have to like it too!"
"I do! Just maybe as a middle name, instead of as a first."
"Fine. What names do you like?"
"Uhm.." I nuzzled my face against his shoulder. "Ashely?"
"I like the idea of an 'A' name, actually. What about.. Arden? Arden Declan,"
I looked up, suddenly feeling my heart thud at the sound of that name.
Arden Declan Hoying.
It was perfect.


Mitch and I eventually moved to the livingroom to watch some television until Wesley woke up. We hung out and spent practically all day cuddling and hanging out until it was time for me to go to work.
After I got ready, I leaned down and kissed Wesley's head, hugging him before doing the same with Mitchie.
"I'll be home around ten," I told Mitch, my hand on his baby bump. "I'll call on my breaks,"
He nodded, "be safe and call when you get there, please."
"Yes ma'am." I leaned down and kissed him again, his hand on my cheek as we pulled apart. "I love you, Mitch Grassi."
Mitch's smile made me beam. "I love you, Scott Hoying."

Mitch PoV
I decided to take Wesley with me to Target instead of dropping him off at Kevin's. The toddler excitedly climbed into the cart before getting comfortable and unlocking my phone. He found his cartoons and spent the entire shopping trip watching YouTube while I shopped.
I ruffled his hair as I walked by the cart to reach for something off of the shelf, causing him to adorably look up and smile.
"Hey handsome," I greeted, "what cartoons are you watching?"
"SpongeBob!" He replied, grinning. "Daddy?"
"Yes buddy?"
"Can I have?" He asked, pointing to the bottles of milk I had put into the cart. "Please?"
"Sure, buddy," I opened one and handed it to him, reminding myself to scan his bottle at check out, before turning and pushing the cart further down the isle.
It wasn't long before we were finished shopping and were piling bags back into the car and getting ready to leave. It was after I set Wesley in his car seat, however, did he motion to a white envelope sitting on the windshield of my car.
"Huh," I closed his door and returned the cart before reaching for the envelope. I raised an eyebrow as I read he messy handwriting and signature on the front of the envelope:

For the Hoying Family.
I'm sorry I wasn't around for you, Scott. I know money does not fix anything, but I wanted to help with preparing for the new baby.
I know you don't want to see me, but I wanted to let you know that I'm so, so proud of you. You're an incredible man and nothing makes me feel more proud or happy than seeing how far you've come.
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me. I'm sorry I ruined our relationship and I'm sorry I didn't try harder to see you.
I'm sorry, Scott.
- Seth Hoying


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