27 ~ I'm Not Gonna Say I'm In Love

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A/N: Warning multiple time skips!!

I had stepped into my apartment and was welcomed with nothing but a complete disaster.

There was multiple cup ramens laying on the coffee table, pizza boxes laying around on the counter in the kitchen,  juice boxes and soda cans just everywhere,  and a content Haru curled up on the couch contently drawing.

"And this is why you need a roommate to keep you from living in your own filth." I sweat dropped.

"I got busy while u were gone." She mumbled.

"By busy you mean sketching drawings and napping,  right?" I rolled my eyes.

"No.... I also was talking to Ashi. " She defended while still not looking away from whatever she was working on.

"I can only imagine what you two gossiped about. " I cringed,  while thinking of all the stories and scenarios they made up about what I was doing in Tokyo.

"You and Kaminari of course." Haru looked up at me with a sly smile.

"I don't even wanna know." I felt my cheeks heat up a bit and cringed harder at the mention of his name.

"Your cheeks seem a little red." She pointed out.

"Get some glasses." I snapped back.

"Whatever you say." She chuckled.

"Start cleaning up your mess." I quickly changed the subject.

"Fine but only if you admit that your little friend Kaminari has a thing for you." She got up from her spot on the couch,  walking towards me.



The next day I was pretty happy to see my group of friends again. Midoryia was practically buzzing with excitement at seeing me.

"H-hey [L/N]! Glad to see ya again! " He smiled widely giving me a big wave.

"You act  as if I was gone for a month." I laughed.

"Well it kinda feels like you were gone that long 'ya know usually we text each other a lot on the group chat and we also usually hang out during the weekends. Also it was kinda strange going to Starbucls and not seeing you slouching at the counter-"

"Midori you're mumbling again. " I laughed at the cute habit.

"Oh crap sorry. I don't even realize when I do that." He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.

"Nah it's all good." I let out another small laugh.

"Heheh thanks.  So how was your meeting?" He asked.

"It was great.  They were all pretty cool. Except Kacchan of course, he was a sassy thot the whole time. " I snickered.

"Well.... Uh... That's Kacchan for 'ya.  He's pretty sassy I guess." Midoryia nervously laughed.

"Yup, sure is. You know what I realized? "

"What? "

"That I totally forgot to tell him I knew you."

"N-n-no I'd rather you not mention me at all to him.  After all he literally hates my guts.  If you mention anything about me to him,  he'd most likely beat you. " Midoryia starts his muttering again,  while I wonder if that's his super power of some sort.

"Hey,  if you don't want me too,  I won't. " I stop him before we start attracting attention from other college students from his muttering.

"O-okay,  thanks." He sheepishly scratched his neck again as he realized he,  in fact began muttering again.

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