The car was filled with silence, thankfully Lilah wasn't forced to drive. She wouldn't have been able to have to stay focused in this silence, now it was Christian who had that honour while Floyd and Edward sat in the back, both staring out the window. She had no idea how what started off as just her and Christian turned into a team of four. Taking a small breath, Lilah snuck a quick glance at Floyd, her mind instantly going back to Zoe. She had to tell him; it would be cruel not to. After all, her plan once everything was done was to leave Gotham City and spend the rest of her life making up for not being a very good mother to her daughter. With or without Jonathan. As Christian drove up the long driveway, Lilah's company seemed to make more movement, Floyd's eyes in particular scanning the house. 

"Well children, welcome to the house of Sawyer." He smirked, his statement clearly directed at Floyd who muttered under his breath. As each of them exited the car, Christian stretched his arms out, letting out a dramatic yawn before he near skipped to the front door where his butler was waiting, 

"Good evening, Sir." He greeted as they stepped into the huge house, 

"Good evening indeed, Joseph." Christian greeted back, "Tell the maids to prepare three rooms for our guests." Joseph gave a stiff nod before scurrying off to probably find one of the eight maids that worked in the house; Julia, Annamaria, Charlotte, Katherine, Emma, Inara, Meg or Charlize. Lilah had took it upon herself to learn their names seeing as how they had looked after her and Selina when they were here. Christian gave out a heavy sigh before turning to his 'guests', 

"Well, now that you're here... I should advise to A) Stay out of my room B) Don't sleep with my maids and C) Don't kill me, my staff or each other." as he looked around at each of them in turn, his eyes in particular stayed focused on Floyd, "And how about we keep the brooding Deadshot at a minimum? Okay? Okay." As Edward and Lilah exchanged looked, Christian shrugged his shoulders, "Don't worry, Deadshot knows exactly what I'm talking about." In a split second, Floyd allowed his fist to connect with Christian's nose, a loud crunch echoing through the house. Stepping back, Christian let out a loud cry,  cradling his probably broken nose and swearing under his breath as Annamaria and Charlize who had both heard the commotion came running towards him, 

"Mr. Sawyer! Quick, get some towels and some ice." The brunette, Charlize cried to the blonde Annamaria who briskly walked off towards wherever it was they kept towels and ice. 

"Did that hurt?!"

"You punched me in the face!"

"Maybe because you deserved it. But don't worry, it is definitely an improvement to your face than what it was." Snapping back into reality, Lilah stared at Christian and Floyd who were screaming at each other while blood dripped onto the polished floors and Edward examined he surrounding vases and photographs- anything that would allow him to ignore Floyd and Christian. 

"Okay! That's enough now! Let's all act like responsible adults." Lilah announced, however it seemed she was ignored. The yelling continued for quite some time; time enough for Annamaria and Joseph to return with ice and towels and for the bleeding to stop, overall, Lilah could have easily sworn they had wasted 45 minutes arguing over nothing. And what progress had they made? Well, they had at least made it up the stairs and into Christian's meeting room. While the idiots sat across from each other, death staring one another; Edward and Lilah both stood with their backs against the wall, watching the commotion in front of them, 

"And you think it is I who will draw attention." Edward smirked, crossing his arms over his chest. Lilah returned a small smile, 

"At least they're not wearing a green suit." Edward gave out a sarcastic laugh, 

"It's called a signature style." He explained, not that Lilah really cared, "So when I find Batman, he will now exactly who it was that defeated him. Who proved to me more intellectual and superior than him." Lilah paused, waiting for Edward's grand introduction where he would cry out 'It is I, Edward Nigma! The biggest douchebag in the world!' unfortunately, it never came. Turning her attention back to the table, Lilah watched as Christian stood, tossing the blood covered towel at Joseph- the good news was, Christian's nose wasn't broken. The bad news was that Lilah would be forced to listen to the pair of them bitch about each other for as long as they all lived. "Get out!" Christian's voice boomed as Charlize, Annamaria and Joseph all quickly left.

"Perhaps now we can organise some sort of plan? Or perhaps we can continue to act like animals..." Edward said, pushing himself from the wall, moving towards the table and taking a seat at the head. So like him to want the be a centre of attention. Floyd and Christian were silent and Lilah knew it was time to work out a plan to save Jonathan. Taking a seat next to Christian, Lilah crossed her legs, 

"Obviously, I am the brains of this... team. So, I believe that I should be the one to make the plans." Edward said, his eyes flicking around the dimly lit room. 

"Smarts don't mean anything. Not without experience." Floyd cut in, leaning forward and resting his hands on the table, 

"I would have to agree with Floyd." Lilah nodded, she had been awfully quiet so far, but Floyd was right. Leaning forwards, a cunning smile graced Edward's features, 

"Now, now. If you want Crane back, I suggest you pay attention." He cooed, his eyes fixated on Lilah who kept a neutral expression, avoiding eye contact with any of the men all thirsting to be the leader, 

"Well hurry up and tell us your amazing plan, Nigma!" Christian hissed, clearing Floyd punching him had set him in a foul mood. Edward rolled his eyes, 


"And no riddles!" Lilah and Christian both cut him off, narrowing their eyes at him. 

"Fine." Edward glared, "Well, Arkham Asylum's security isn't as high tech as they like to think. I can easily hack into their system and bring down the alarm systems, giving you enough time to go in and get Crane out. However, should I do that, it also gives the possibility of other... not very likeable inmates to escape." The Riddler explained. Christian smirked, "Victor Zasz." He muttered more to himself than anyone else. "That's one guy I would be perfectly okay with not seeing ever again." Edward smirked, 

"So, in order for this to work the way we want it to. I need to be able to shut off a certain area of the asylum. One where we won't be potentially making our future lives difficult by releasing an unwanted ally." 

"Oh yeah? Where would that be?" Floyd scoffed. 

Christian then broke into fits of giggles, drawing Floyd's attention, "Now I get it. You're just stupid!" He announced with an over dramatic grin on his face, "We pick the least dangerous cell block you idiot! that way we know what we're dealing with and can handle them better should they cause a problem." Floyd laughed, 

"There are probably triple the amount of inmates in those cell blocks than there are in the 'dangerous' one." He said, "You really think we can keep track of them all?"

"Edward should be able to handle it, right?" Lilah asked, her eyes locking with Edward's. 

"Oh, you naïve children.... I can quite easily order for patient transfers into other blocks." Edward announced with a smug expression, causing everyone to roll their eyes, "Then it's simple, Christian will go in undercover as a therapist, Deadshot will be placed up on the tower to prevent trouble and little Phobia gets to run in and save Jonathan." Floyd shifted slightly, 

"I should go in with Lilah." He said, 

"Why?" Lilah asked, her eyes fixated onto him, 

"Because you're going to get yourself killed." 

"I handled the police department fine." She said. Floyd scoffed, 

"Only because of Riddler and I" He replied, 

"That's a lie." She snapped back at him, "Edward was the one who helped me. You did nothing but kill my brother." Floyd laughed, 

"Why do you think you got out so easy? Why the guards practically let you go? Why you were able to stumble across the quickest and safest exit? helped you get out and killed anyone I thought you couldn't handle." He said. Lilah's chest rose and fell, her temper quickly raising. She would never forgive him for Mercious, Leaning forward, Lilah glared at him,

"And Mercious?" Floyd didn't answer and instead averted his eyes, taking a breath, Lilah sat back, "I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding." She smirked, "Then again, that's all we are. Products of misunderstandings."

"Guess that makes us Team Misunderstood." Christian smirked, wrapping an arm around Lilah's shoulder, "Don't worry, we have a good plan. Now we just need to put it into action."

A/N: Introducing Team Misunderstood! Yeah! Do we like the members or nay? 

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