【04. ɪᴛ's ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ】

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❆ 1951 ❆

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"It's for the best, Howard." Freya said as her and Howard stood talking, they had been an item for 2 years now but when Freya realised what would happen, she decided that it wasn't good for them to be in a relationship. Howard looked at her heartbroken "but...but why now?" Howard asked she stepped forward and placed her hands on his cheeks "Howard, you're getting older. You're not a god, you won't live for 5,000 years. I can't watch you get old and die while I remain young, it's just too hard. And we agreed that when I said it gets too much we would end it, we would be friends and nothing more. I know this is heartbreaking but you deserve someone who can grow old with you...someone who doesn't live for 5,000 years." Freya ran her thumb across Howard's cheek wiping away his tears "I love you, okay? But it breaks me to see you age while I can't...plus I'm very much older than you." Howard furrowed his eyebrows confused "how old are you?" Freya moved her hands away and crossed her arms over her chest while mumbling something "what was that?" Freya looked up at him "I'm 954." Howard's eyes went wide "woah, that's old." Freya broke out into a laugh.

"If that's your way of complimenting a woman then you won't find someone...friends?" Howard pulled Freya into a kiss as tears fall down his cheeks and she kissed back before they pulled away "friends. I just wanted one last kiss." Freya smiled before leaving, after telling Peggy and Chester about her decision they had set her up a room at S.H.I.E.L.D. she had also been offered the position as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. but handed it down to someone else. She got back and Peggy was there waiting for her "oh, Freya." Even though Freya wasn't crying Peggy knew that her friend was heartbroken, the woman wrapped her in a hug "I'm okay, Peggy, it's better than being in love with him and watching him die." The two ended the hug and Peggy smiled "you're always thinking about everyone else's happiness, but this time it was your own." Freya nodded crossing her arms over her chest "I'm just glad I'm not as fragile as I once was, otherwise I would've been trapped in a relationship that hurt me." Freya shrugged her shoulders before walking away to her room.

a few months later

Freya and Peggy were at the bar when Howard walked over "Peggy, Freya, I'd like you to meet my fiancée, Maria." Howard introduced the woman next to him who was smiling "hi." Maria said with a small wave "Maria, this is Peggy Carter and Freya Snow." Freya held her hand out "that's a beautiful name, so winter like, were you born in winter?" Peggy kicked Freya's foot as in a signal to make up a birthday "16th December 1921." Freya slowly took a sip of her drink while looking over at Peggy who just gave her a look "you must come to the wedding." The two woman nodded "oh yes, it'll be lovely to see Howard finally settle down." Freya nodded agreeing with Peggy "I'm glad he's found someone that makes him happy." Freya looked at Howard who just gave her a small smile and a knowing look, before him and Maria walked away to the small dance floor in the bar "you handled that pretty well." Freya looked at Peggy "he deserves a human girl, not a Goddess who lives for 5,000 years. Also was that kick necessary? I did know that I had to make up a fake birth date." Peggy smirked and looked at her friend "just felt like kicking you." Freya rolled her eyes.

The two left the bar and they saw Howard's butler Edwin Jarvis waiting by Howard's car "Mr. Jarvis, how nice to see you." Freya said he smiled at the two woman "night, Miss Snow, Miss Carter." The two woman then continued walking, Freya used her powers and she was back in her usual suit that she wore everyday, she hated wearing the dresses that all woman worry in this time period "I never understood your dislike of dresses even though you arrived on Earth in one." Peggy looked at her friend who smirked "people change, Peggy. I mean look at me now, I'm not so fragile now." Peggy smiled as they kept walking.

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