【03. ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴅɪᴇ ᴏɴ ᴍᴇ】

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❆ 1949 ❆

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Freya, Peggy and Howard were on a small plane back to S.H.I.E.L.D. the other two had come to pick Freya up after she got out of the HYDRA Base with the files they need, but everything went south when they started getting attacked and the plane started failing. Howard stood up trying to make it to the control panel where Peggy was, but stumbled and fell out the door when the plane shook "Howard!" Peggy yelled, Freya jumped out the door and into the water immediately grabbing Howard's body, she pulled him up and onto the surface. Howard's breathing had stopped so Freya started doing CPR, she kept pressing on his chest "come on, Howard, come on. Don't you dare die on me, you fucking bastard." Freya said as she pressed on his chest "come on, come on." A few seconds later, Howard shot up while coughing out water. Freya grabbed his shoulders and helped steady him "hey, Howard. You're alright." Howard looked at Freya and she smiled at him "you saved me." Freya nodded "of course, you think I would let you die." The two stood up and Howard pulled Freya into a kiss, one arm around his waist while the other rested on her cheek.

Freya was a bit shocked but soon kissed back, her hands resting on his chest "I fucking knew it!" Howard and Freya pulled away to look at Peggy, who was smiling happily, Howard pointed at her "language." Howard stated making Peggy pull a face as she repeated "language." In a weird voice. She walked off to contact another plane while Howard and Freya looked at each other "you're not mad with me about the kiss?" Freya chuckled while shaking her head a small bit "just disappointed." Howard's face fell before Freya let out a smirk, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer "because it took you long enough to make a move." She then kissed him again making Howard smile, they both pulled away from the kiss with little chuckles before walking to catch up with Peggy while holding hands.


Freya and Howard got back to his place, his house was actually huge due to all of the money that his company, Stark Industries, earned him. "So, how long have you had feelings for me?" Howard walked over to Freya "um...since 1947? Is that good enough?" Freya scoffed and looked at him "and it took you two years? Strange. You're never normally shy when you feel something towards a girl, based on the amount of girls you slept with over the two years." Freya pointed out making Howard nod with a small sigh "because you're a different, I didn't kiss you for the sake of sleeping with you. It's because I actually feel something for you, but I know that you're still heartbroken over both your late husband and child so...whatever you decide to do, I won't mind. I'll understand." Freya looked at Howard as she remembered her husband and child "Loki was always going away to war, and he used to tell me that if he didn't come back, move on. Be happy. Live my life. I say that we give this relationship a go, and if at some point I feel like it's not working out, I will tell you. Sound good?" Howard smiled before kissing Freya again both of them smiling.

They pulled away "oh, and just because I'm still in pain over my daughter's death doesn't mean I can't fall in love, grief stays with you no matter who dies. When it's your child it's just even more painful than you imagine." Freya pointed out making Howard nod, the two of them sat down on the couch "would you like a drink? We can play the drinking game again." Freya smirked and leaned in "Asgardians can't get drunk from Midgardian alcohol, did I not mention that?" Freya whispered before getting up and leaving the room, Howard chuckled before chasing after her.

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