Queen- KStar Part 2

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Vikk's P.O.V.

I awoke the next morning curled up on JJ's bed, JJ still fast asleep beside me, snoring a little which made me giggle because he was loud. I rolled over and grabbed my phone, which had been charging on my beside table and went to my messages, which were full of unread texts from the Sidemen and too my surprise, unknown numbers who I quickly found out belonged to the Pack.

The first messages I went through were the ones from the Sidemen group chat, they had been constantly spamming me overnight and the messages went up to 4am, when the last of them finally fell asleep. Most of the messages were complete nonsense but there was a few super cute messages from them individually, asking if I was okay.

Are you sure you're okay? You were super upset and I just want to make sure that you're okay because all of the dickheads at school are soooo going to get it when we go back on Monday. Tobi wants to know if you want to meet up tomorrow by the way. sent 11:43pm

That one was from Josh and I quickly flicked him a reply to say that yes, I was fine and yes, I would like to see him, Tobi and the boys later that day. JJ would love to see them again as he didn't see them often except when he dropped me off at school and picked me up. He knew them, but not very well.

I'm so sorry for everything the people at school have done to you and I'm so sorry that I didn't do more to stop them. I want to make it up to you now and I want to do that by offering the hand of friendship, as do all of the other boys who are apart of the Pack. I understand if you don't want to accept, but my offer will always be there, as will the others. We want to mend the bonds between us. sent at 3:03am

I whistled lowly at Mitch's message, which had been sent at a time when he had clearly been brooding. I smiled, knowing that I was going to accept his the other boys offer at once because I knew they would be true to their word.

Mitch and the other members of the Pack had never been unkind to me, in fact they never really acknowledged my existence up until Mitch found me crying on the stairs. He must have told the Pack about me because after that, although they still never talked to me, they occasionally winked at me in the halls, helped me out when I was fighting through the throngs of people to get to class or saved me from some bullies when it was on the verge of getting physical.

Now they wanted to mend the bond that was never really broken, repair our relationship and maybe even become friends. I would always be ready to accept an offer of friendship, especially from people that I knew I could trust. I sent my own message back.

Of course I'll accept your offer of friendship. I trust you, all of you, so of course I'll accept but you don't need to be sorry for other people have done, something you had no control over. Never apologize for something you didn't do. sent at 8:34am

Oh also do you guys wanna meet up at some point today? I've already agreed to meet up with the Sidemen later on and JJ's coming too, so you guys might as well join us as well. sent at 8:37am

I placed my phone back down on the bed and settled back down, JJ still snoring away beside me. He was a heavy sleeper and it normally took me at least half an hour to wake him in the morning if I slept over, so I decided to start now so he would be up by 10.

"JJ?" I whispered, shaking his shoulder. "Come on babe, it's time to get up." He groaned, squinting and then glaring up at me sleepily.

"Uhhhh why..." He muttered, rolling over onto his stomach.

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