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'Calm down, baby. She's speaking out of anger. She's facing the people who killed her mate,' I said to Mikael over our bond.

'She's alive because she saved our son,' he growled in return. I definitely agreed on that reason. If it was in an entirely different situation, her head will be on a stake by now. "Why don't we take this meeting inside," I said stepping forward keeping my eyes on Mia.

"Wish to kill us in private?" she spat.

"Mia! I'm so sorry your majesties. I will admit we are a bit anxious to know our fates after the attack upon the kingdom. It has been rather rough on us," Chelsea said stepping between my mate and her sister.

"I understand. Let's find a better-suited place right after we see our family off. My father and stepmother are leaving in a few along with Jakobe and his men," I said glancing at my mate. Mikael was ready to pounce on the woman for her disrespect. Dante and himself have been quite testy this morning and it has been taking a toll on me, to keep them both calm. Not to mention the pup inside of me decided that morning sickness was the way to welcome me to motherhood.

"No problem. Thank you, your majesty," Chelsea said pushing her sister away from Mikael.

"Before we go, this is Alpha Jonathon, head of Verans. Commander of our Hybrid Army, "I introduced. Jonathon offered his hand to the ladies and only Chelsea acknowledged him.

"Shall we?"

The walk back to the Alpha house was quite uncomfortable. Three guards took the ladies on a tour of the main floor of the house while Mikael, Jonathon and I met my father in the office alongside Helen.

I was given the seat behind the desk as my mate stood on my right. Jonathon stood by the garden doors while Jakobe stood on my left. Helen's eyes moved with every movement. I know she was still processing everything on top of losing her daughter.

"I wish you will let us try one more time," I began.

For the first time since we've been in each other's presence, she gave me a genuine smile.

"When you give birth to your own child, maybe even now, you will know how a mother's bond feel. Elias told me of your pregnancy. Congratulations. I pray you never have to feel this pain. That beast down there isn't my Rachel. I just wished I did things differently with her, with you."

I gave her a nod of acceptance, returning her smile.

My father took her hand and squeezed it gently. "Are you sure with the plans?" he asked still apprehensive to what Mikael and I spoke of.

"I don't mind and neither does Mikael," I replied.

We both decided to move to Monroe house, making it the Alpha house. the house was big enough for Connor to have his own room and for Mikael and me to have our privacy. My father built the house for that purpose, to have his family under one roof yet have their own space. I thought it grand. To have our sons raised in a family home and for Mikael to have his new family near.

I gave Helen my house, it's the least I can do. She will need the quiet to go through the grieving process and be near her business. I don't think she will have the strength to start her whole life over. She will be soon a divorced woman with a missing child back in Chrysallis. Though her actions against me were bad, I can't hold that as a grudge against her.

"Alright. I guess we'll get going. Jonathon, I'll see you soon old friend," dad said pulling the man into a brotherly hug. Mikael and Jakobe helped me out of my chair like fine china before allowing me to walk over to Helen. "My friend is at the house packing away my personal things. If it's too much for you to return to Monroe House then you can go to the other if you wish," I said sitting in my father's vacated chair.

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