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"This is the last time I'm addressing this shit!

One, No I didn't fight Ashy or Ashley for LaMelo I fought her because she was throwing dirt on my name.

Two, I don't care how much LaMelo and Ashley post each other so stop tagging me in that fugazi shit!

Three, I don't know what boy was kissing Ashley I only know him as Melo or Mel

Y'all know him as LaMelo and now think about that shit!" I said as I'm fed up about these interview questions.

I grabbed my purse and walked off.

Everyone only seems to focus on the negative side of our friendship.

Three minutes later I get a call from Brianna.

I looked at the phone like I didn't want to answer it.

"Bri Bri!" I said trying to make the topic lighter with excitement to talk to her

"Why did you walk out of the interview? Your ass is really becoming slow!" She said very angrily

"I just can't sit there answering questions about this boy like I'm not hurting and shit!" I yelled involuntarily

"Sorry," I said before she could even respond

"Call me when you get your shit together," she said angrily as she hung up the call

I walked down the street to my Jeep as my phone started blowing up from the group chat with Zo, Brianna, Gelo, Jilly, Mariah, and Me

Bri Bri ❤️
now I know yall heard that damn interview

Bubba Zo 😴
she sounded upset

I Like Pudding ☺️
no comment

Jilly Babe 💉
she needs to find her common sense

I understand she was mad but she didn't need to walk out

I locked my phone but it buzzed one more time

"If the group chat texts me again I'm going to have some problems"

LaMelo Ball
What did you mean "I only know his as Melo or Mel! Y'all know him as LaMelo"?

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