Graduation Day

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Chapter 1: Graduation Day
Astrid POV:
"Astrid dear! Wake up!" I hear my mom call as I groan. "Just because it's graduation day doesn't mean I have to wake up early!" I moan from my bed and put the pillows over my head. "If you want pancakes then yes!" Mom yells, which got my attention. "IM COMING!" I scream and spring out of bed. I hurl around the corner and run down the stairs, and hopping into the kitchen seat.
My mom handed me my pancakes, and smiled at me. "What?" I blush, as I eat my delicious cakes. "It's just hard to see you graduate and then you going off to college this fall, at Melody University." My mom sighs. "Mom! Don't worry, I'm going to come and visit and I'll call you every night!" I say and take her hand, and she squeezed it.
"DONE!" I say and place my fork on my plate. "Wow! Pig!" Mom exclaims and takes my plate away. "Please you should know that by now!" I smile. "Here's your dress." Mom says and points to the dark blue sparkly dress at the kitchen table. My mouth drops and I walk over to it. "It's gorgeous! I love it!" I exclaim and mom hugs me. "Now go get ready! Your graduating!" Mom smiled.
I stood in line with my fellow classmates, with my red gown and red cap on. Hiccup was in front of me, since we were the only students in our grade with the last name "H". "You look so beautiful!" He exclaims. "You look so handsome." I say and he kissed my temple.
Heather was waving at me from the front of line mocking "OMG" and I mocked the same thing back.
"Now let's begin!" Principal Johann calls from the Microphone. ~Many minutes later~
"Hiccup Haddock!" The principal calls and my boyfriend walks up to the stage, he shakes our principals hand. "Congratulations boy." He says, and hands Hiccup his diploma. Hiccup walks off the stage and into a chair.
"Astrid Hofferson." Principal Johann calls and my family yells my name and jumps up and down. I shake his hand, "Congrats A." He says, and hands me my diploma. I walk down the stage and into my chair, and Hiccup smashed his lips on mine. "Congrats babe!" He exclaims. "You too!" I smile.
All of the graduates threw our caps into the air. "WOOOHOO!" We all yell, and my cap came back down into my hands.
After the ceremony, I was approached by all of my best friends, our group. Heather Unhinged, Fishlegs Ingerman, Snotlout Jorgenson, Ruff and Tuff Thorstan, and my boyfriend Hiccup.
"GROUP HUG!" They exclaim and we wrap our arms around each other. "Don't forget me guys!" Heather cries. "Your my besties I could never! Call me and text me everyday!" I wail, and their were sniffles in our group huddle. "And we can video chat everyday!" Fishlegs says. "And help each other with our hard homework!" Snotlout says and we all laugh.
"Oh I'm gonna miss you guys!" I sniff. "I love you amazing people!" I say.
"I love you guys!" They all say in unison. We pull out of group hug and we all hug one another. I friendly punch Snotlout. "Text me Jorgenson!" I laugh and he hugs me. "You too Ingerman!" I say and I hug Fishlegs. "Your the brains so expect lots of homework help from me." I laugh and he laughed too. I walked over to the twins. "Now I expect daily jokes from you guys!" I growl. "Will do, A!" Tuff says and I hug those muttonheads. I walked over to Heather who just said goodbye to Hiccup.
Since we can't see each other much over the summer due to getting ready for college and college open houses, we knew we would have to say goodbye.
"My bestie." I say and I envelop Heather into a hug. She cried onto my shoulder as I did to her. "Call me everyday and tell me about your day! And if you see any hotties!" Heather says and I laugh. "Will do except I have a boyfriend who I love very much." I say and saw Hiccup wince.
I pulled away from Heather and my parents tackled me into a hug.
"OMG YOUR A GRADUATE!" My dad screams. "Ok! Ok! I CANT BREATHE!" I choke and the gang laughed. My parents let me go.
"Now how about we get home to that party!" My mom squeals and we cheer.
Hiccup POV:
"I was standing by the canopy outsides Astrid's house, overlooking the woods and starS. I felt arms wrap around me. "Hey." She says. "Hey." I say. "What are you thinking about?" She asks me and stands beside me. I sigh, Knowing this is hard for me to say, but I had to leave.
"Astrid....I've gotta go." I say and look down. "What? Why? Just stay for a few more hours." She exclaims, and takes my hand. "No Astrid, I have to GO." I emphasize and her expression changes. "Huh?" She says shocked. "Things have happened, and I can't stay here anymore. It's too much!" I explain. "No! Stay, tell me and let me help you." She urges on. I sigh. "I can't! I can't explain, I'm going to leave...but I'll be back." I say, and turn around. "No!" She yells and I could tell tears were forming into her eyes. I turn around and smiled at her. "Wait for me." I say and I left her standing on the canopy, alone.

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