【02. ᴅʀᴜɴᴋ & ғʟɪʀᴛʏ】

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❆ 1948 ❆

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Freya was currently sitting at the desk, over the past two years her attitude had changed so much. Especially with her powers, she had learned how to fight now and S.H.I.E.L.D was up and running, Howard walked in and sat down opposite her "do you have to put your feet up?" Howard asked making Freya smirk "yes, why? Does it bother you?" Freya took a sip of her whiskey, she had become less fragile and hardened alot, she less princess and lady like because she was now like a warrior, she's stronger than she's ever could imagine. Howard smirked "hey, I've got a game. First one to get drunk and pass out is the loser." Freya raised an eyebrow at him, she knew that Asgardians can't get drunk from Midgardian alcohol so this was going to be an easy challenge "alright then, but you'll lose." Howard chuckled as he opened a new bottle of whiskey and poured himself "I don't think I will." Freya smirked as they clinked glasses before starting to drink.

a few hours later

Freya watched as Howard was stumbling around the room, she was still very much sober while Howard, well, he was just pure ass drunk. Howard stumbled forward "hey, pretty lady, can I get your number?" Howard slurred as he sat down making Freya laugh, Peggy walked in and was confused "what happened?" Peggy asked with her hands in her waist "Howard challenged me to a game, first one to get drunk and pass out loses. What he doesn't know is thst Asgardians can't get drunk from Midgardian alcohol, so I'm going to win basically." Peggy burst out laughing along with Freya "hey, did...did it...hurt when you fell...from heaven?" Howard slurred again, Peggy rolled her eyes before both her and Freya started leading Howard to his room "come on, buddy, you need some sleep." They got in and laid him down on the bed, Peggy looked at Freya "will you be alright with him?" Peggy asked. Freya smirked "listen, when I was fragile I was used to this kind of thing with Loki and his brother and their friends. I'll be fine. Especially since I can just keep him here with telekinesis." The two women laughed before Peggy left, leaving Freya with Howard.

She sat beside his bed "hey, Fr..Freyma." Freya giggled at Howard's slurs "Freya." Howard became confused "no...no you're Freya! I'm...I'm Howard." At that point Freya burst out laughing as Howard just watched her, he was in such a drunk state but managed to push himself to sit up properly "Howard, you're drunk. You need sleep!" Freya argued trying to push him down making the man pout "sleep with me." Howard whined as he wrapped his arms around Freya's waist, due to her being Asgardian she was stronger and able to pry Howard's arms off of her. She then placed them by his side and pulled the cover over him "goodnight, Howard." Howard smiled as he started to fall asleep "happy holidays, Frosty." Freya shook her head before leaving the room, hoping that Howard got some sleep and regained his sober state.

next day

Howard walked into the office the next day his head pounding, Freya smirked when she saw him "you okay, Howard?" She asked tauntingly Peggy found it hard to keep a straight face "I guess you won the drinking game." Howard predicted as he sat down with his head in his hands, Peggy handed him some headache medication and a glass of water "yep, but you're really funny drunk. And flirty." Howard looked up at the two "what did I do?" Howard asked really worried that he had said or done something he shouldn't have. Freya patted him on the shoulder "well, you flirted with me and then you asked me to stay with you when I said get some sleep. You also called me Frosty." Howard shrugged his shoulders drinking his water "nothing too bad then." Freya nodded looking over at Peggy who was trying not to laugh "oh for heaven's sake, why do I put up with you two?" Peggy asked herself, Howard looked at her with a raised eyebrow "because we're you're friends and co-workers?" Freya nodded "he's got a point." Peggy rolled her eyes before leaving the room, while Freya and Howard just both sent each other small smirks.

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