Book Worms and Gossip Girls

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Aniket's eyes stray to where I was gazing with a horrified expression. He purses his lips, and leans towards me, laughing right in front of my face.

"They're our bodyguards." He mocks, laughing at my expression at the revelation. I pound him on his chest in anger.

He yells out a 'ouch' whereas I'm accusing him of being a horrible person.

"You could have told me that before I almost died in shock." I growl at him, walking away in anger after I ran out of breath. He grins, striding after me.

Aniket turns me around to face him, and I do, albeit, unwillingly. "What do you want now?" I shriek, throwing my hands up in the air in frustration.

"I want many things, m'lady. But I only need you." He smiles at his own heartwarming comment, before walking away from me.

How could I be mad at him after he says something like that?

"Damn, Aniket." I say, running after him. He laughs at my sudden choice of words.

I think for a moment, wanting to divert the current topic and distract him and myself from my recent embarrassment. "Where do you shop for casual clothes?" I ask him, falling into step with him.

"I don't. My assistant does it for me." He responds, facing ahead.

I sneer, turning my head away. "I don't know where to get clothes. My mother does the shopping in our house." I say, scratching my neck.

"I know. You told me" He pauses. "I shopped this dress for you though. It was a store nearby. Do you want to go there?"

"Do they have men's wear?" I ask enthusiastically, and he nods.

"Alright then! Lead the way." I exclaim, extending my hands, and signaling him to move.

He interlocks our fingers tightly, kissing the top of my hands, and sending chills throughout my arm. I gulp at the sexual tension between us, and turn my head away from his heated gaze. I blush, brushing my hands through my hair for some comfort.

We stay silent as we walk, hand in hand, observing our surroundings. I bite my lower lip nervously, chewing on it and finally stopping when I draw blood and a slight pain envelops the spot. I slurp the blood off my lips, tilting my head at the weird craving to taste more of the blood.

Am I a vampire?

My inner self laughs at the thought, and I pout at her on the outside, earning a raised eyebrow from Aniket.

"What is going on in that head of yours? I saw like fifty expressions cross on your face in a single second." He chuckles when I widen my eyes at the news.

"Sorry, I'm expressive." I reason.

"I know. It's one of the reasons you can't be a actress, or a very good liar. You express your thoughts on your face." He removes his fingers from our adjoined hands, and snakes his hand around my waist, pulling me in closer. I lean into the embrace, resting my head on his shoulder as we walked. I stumble like a drunk at first, but eventually get used to walking in the intimate position. Not even the cheapest kind of paper could get in between us.

"Huh." I huff. "I never thought about it in that perspective."

"It also means you could never betray anyone." He kisses the top of my head as he puts distance between us. "This is the shop." He sighs, pulling me by the wrist, as he opens the door.

We both enter the extravagant shop, and walk around for a while, not really in the mood for shopping. "I really hate shopping."

"You have a good sense of style Krithi. You just don't want to be seen more feminine." He mumbles, picking out dark blue jeans for himself and waving it in front of me to get my attention.

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