NCT 127: MTL spoil you

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Most to least likely to spoil you:




Jaehyun: You are Jaehyun's babygirl. His princess. He will gladly get you whatever you want and even things you don't ask for. It isn't uncommon for him to show up on dates or to your house with gifts. Big and small. It could range from flowers every week to nice jewelry here and there. If you make a comment about "oh that bag is nice!" (Not meaning anything by it you just thought it was nice) the next time you see him he will have it for you like bitch wtf?? That's cute, but it could also be like okay boy calm down I love you for you and not your money/presents 😂

Winwin: Now, all of the guys would buy you cute presents and gifts and spoil you in some ways, but Winwin is just gonna be the worst at figuring out what to get you. He is really hesitant and overthinks wether or not you might like something and ends up sikeing himself out of getting a lot of things. If you were to ever ask for something then he would be happy to pay for it and get it for you. The main time you would get any major presents are on holidays or your birthday. It isn't that he doesn't want to spoil you, he just doesn't know how.

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