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Pandemonium; the Battlefields of Eternity.

Imperious' voice echoed once again in my head. "Patience isn't one of my virtues, nephalem." Curse these demons, I wasn't born with a set of wings. If it was that easy, why didn't he just send me straight to the ram? He didn't have "the heart" to face his brother, Malthael, himself. Then he would just have to wait because I can only run so fast through these demon hoards. As the fate-chosen one, I had to get to the Angel of Death as soon as possible and Imperius was supposed to help me get to him.

Lyndon, one of my many companions, followed right on my heels. He cursed as he shot his poisonous arrows at the demon minions, praising himself as his arrows made a perfect impact. At times like these, his voice and cheeky comments were my reality check. I had a very deadly and important task ahead of me.

As I turned into another ruined road of the Pandemonium, an enormous elite demon appeared right in front of me. Before I could take a good aim at him, his massive fist was already on its way down towards me. I cursed under my breath and tumbled away just as he threw all his weight into that punch, sending rubbles flying everywhere around him.

"Look at that thing over there! Let's kick his arse back to hell!" Lyndon bellowed as he witnessed my successful evading summersault. I couldn't help as the corner of my lips tilted up and immediately took aim at the demon. 'I'll need to use rapid fire to kill this bastard fast,' I thought to myself.

But seconds before I could finish him off, Imperius abruptly landed with a burst of explosion and finished off the elite effortlessly. I stopped short frowning as I stared at the archangel of valor in disbelief then glared at the remains of that demon under his heavy golden armoured feet.

"Imperius, if you cannot wait, then why don't you kill them all and take me to the ram right now?" I said, with annoyance evident in my low voice, knowing he could hear me. All this time, I tried to be polite just for Tyrael's sake.

Imperius' dominantly large size and intimidating presence were overwhelming to those demonic minions around him. The impact of his landing made as much as an explosion that could wipe out a group of small minions in seconds. Yet, he left me fighting my way to the Fortress on my own. He then glared back looking down at me. With his entire head covered underneath the full helm, I could still feel those piercing eyes.

"I am here to guide you there. It is not my duty to rid of these demon spawns. Your duty is to quickly get to the Fortress and finish Malthael before he grows any stronger." He shot back up above us as he finished, not even wavering from his 'duty' or waiting for my response.

I hate that he took liberty to be my commander even though he made it very clear that he hated me and my kind, the nephalem. I sighed heavily just as Lyndon called to me, "Better get goin', eh?" I turned around and nodded at him then charged towards the next hoard of monsters in my path, still very annoyed by Imperius' words.

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