Chapter one: Ada's pregnant

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This story just pop out of my head and had been on my blue notebook so I decided to make a draft on it on wattpad.
And hopefully publish someday.
Feb. 11, 2019 —-> the day I started it. 😉

MY HAND IS shaking, holding a stick that is going to define my life ahead.

Ada, how is it?

Thats my boyfriend Donny, we were together for a year now. And yes we're sexually active since 3 months being together. At first I was so scared to do it because I might get pregnant but Donny introduced me pills and condoms and were constantly doing it.

It just that two months ago, I just got back from summer trip with my parents, we met and something happened to us without protection. And here we are after two months I've tested if our  suspicion is correct, and —.

It's positive!

I'm really pregnant!

I felt like crying, I don't know! Im scared and confused! Will my parents accept me? Im just 18 years old!

D-Donny? I called him.

What? What is it? Is it negative?

I got out from the bathroom of his condo and show him the stick!

He look shocked. The he mess his hair in a frustrated way.

Donny I'm scared!

And I'm not? I told you to always take the pills!!! I heard him shout.

Are you blaming me? I told you I'm  not taking it since I'm on vacation and you're persistent back then. You also told me you gonna do withdrawal.

God Ada! What to do? I can't, we can't have baby now. My parents where going to kill me for this. We're both still in college, freshmen to be exact how are we supposed to raised the child? I can't be a father! I'm still young! Wait we can still abort the baby right? He looked relief.

I'm confused!!! I know his scared but is he need to say this? When we're doing it he always told me that if he got me pregnant his gonna take the full responsibility. And now this? Is he the Donny I know. Because all I saw is a scared man — boy rather, trying to blame others for what he had done.

I'm not washing hands here I know I'm part to blame for what is happening but I'm kinda happy because it's a baby, it's our baby. We made this, together.

And he want it to abort?

You what!?

I'm gonna call Douglas, I know he knows a clinic where we can abort.

Donny! Are you hearing your self!?

He look at me confused like I said something wrong.

This is our baby we're talking about! I know we're young but aborting our baby, is crazy idea.

Then what do you want to do with that? Pointing my belly. We're young for that, hindi pwede, I can't!! I can't take responsibility like that. I have dreams Ada and you know that!

I look at him dumb founded.

And I haves dreams too, but I can't give this baby up for that. It's so wrong Donny! Kasalan sa Diyos yan!

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