Dare (Hiccup X Reader)

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It had been a few weeks since the hunters seemed to disapear. After Viggo fell into the volcano, all was at peace again. However, with no one trying to constantly kill you anymore, the dragons riders were growing bored.

"We could visit Berk?" Fishlegs suggested as he, the twins, and Snotlout pondered in the club house.

"We just visited last week," Snotlout reminded him, then went on in irritation, "I wish there were more islands to go discover."

"Need I remind you," Ruffnut began bluntly, "that we almost die every time we land on a new island?"

"Well, it beats sitting around with nothing to do," Snotlout retorted.

Just then, you came in. "How about cleaning out your dragons' stalls?" You told them with a smirk, "that'll give you something to do." You weren't exactly the responsible type, but you enjoyed doing things that made Hiccup proud.

"No, not really what I had in mind," Tuff shooed you away.

You rolled her eyes, "well, too bad. It needs to be done." You then started walking toward the stables to do the same. You then reminded proudly, "and Hiccup left me in charge while he and Astrid are gone. So, come on."

• • •

"Ugh, this stinks," Snotlout complained as he swept the old, charred straw from Hookfang's stall.

You scrunched up your face as you began to do the same, "deal with it."

Then Tuff, who was still trying to find something fun to do, shouted, "oh! You know what we should do? Truth or dare!"

His sister gave him an eyeroll and responded, "come on, we're not five anymore."

But Tuff ignored this, looking excitedly at Snotlout. "Snotlout, truth or dare?!"

"Uh, neither," Snotlout told him.

"Okay! I dare you to..jump into the river and stay in for a whole minute," Tuffnut spoke challengingly.

Snotlout sighed, "first of all, I said neither. And second, the river is freezing right now, there's no way I'd do that."

You, really wanting to see Snotlout freeze his butt off in the river, smirked deviously and teased, "what, are you scared?"

"What? The Snot doesn't do 'scared'," he told you in a fluster, "I'll stay in the water for two minutes."

• • •

What started out as a fun game turned into an every-man-for-himself war. Everyone hid from everyone, because if someone saw you, you were tackled and forced to pick: truth or dare. You were all chasing after Fishlegs when Hiccup and Astrid arrived back.

"We were only gone for the day, what happened?!" Hiccup wondered in a fluster as the other vikings stampeded past him, shouting, laughing, and yelling at each other.

"It looks like a bomb went off here," Astrid observed, half annoyed and half impressed.

"It did," you told her as you broke away from the group, "a bomb called Tuffnut Thorston. Now, it's a battle for survival."

Hiccup gave her a baffled look, "wha--?"

"HICCUPTRUTHORDARE," Tuffnut demanded, pushing past you to close in on the unexpecting leader.

Hiccup sighed and face palmed, "is he serious?"

"Chicken out and you have to kiss Snotlout!" Ruffnut added with a devious grin.

"What? No, I'm not doing this," Hiccup asserted, crossing his arms strongly. But this only led to the twins tackling him. He wiggled out of their grasps and began to run, followed by the other six.

Finally cornering Hiccup in the club house, he finally shouted, "fine, truth! Just, don't make me kiss Snotlout."

"Too late!" Tuffnut shouted as he held Snotlout down.

You and Astrid watched in amusement as Snotlout squirmed, "no! No! Kiss someone else! Kiss (Y/n)!"

Your smile immediately turned into a look of nervous surprise. No one here knew about your crush on Hiccup, but it looked like they were about to find out.

Tuffnut thought for a minute, "hm, I suppose we could make an exception for our one-legged friend...okay, kiss (Y/n)!"

You felt your cheeks heat up. Glancing at Hiccup, you saw that his face was just as red. Astrid pushed you a bit violently toward Hiccup with an evil grin. However, you lost your balance and began to fall. But Hiccup caught you and stood you back up. You looked up to see him staring down at you with a shy smile.

The other five vikings watched intently, making you uncomfortable. But was he actually going to do it? You didn't have time to back out, because he pulled you against him by your waist, leaned down, and kissed you. Instinctively, you closed your eyes, your hands resting on his chest. You heard the others shouting and cheering you on teasingly.

After a few seconds, you pulled away, both of you laughing nervously. Then, to your surprise, Hiccup whispered into your ear, "maybe this game isn't so bad."

You looked up at him with wide eyes. Hiccup smiled at you in admiration and took your hand into his.

"Ugh, does this mean you're dating now?" Snotlout asked in disgust, gesturing to your intertwined hands.

"Well it's about time," Astrid said with a sideways grin, "you two have been flirting for months."

Hiccup's face grew red, "haha, you noticed that?"

"How could we not?" Ruffnut asked smoothly, "you guys are always trying to do stuff together."

"Yeah, and you never get mad at her," Tuff added, "even when she's being super destructive; you always blame us."

Hiccup frowned, "Tuff, that's because you're always the source. Always."

You blushed harder; apparently they knew all along. But your embarrassment wasn't able to overtake your joy. Looking up at Hiccup by your side, you smiled and leaned against him. Life just got a whole lot less boring.

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