Imagine: Kissing Jeno

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(I'm gonna write this in a bulleted way, but if you guys don't like that then let me know!)

• Lee fricken Jeno
• Aka one of the cutest humans alive
• I could talk about him all day, but let's move on to what you really came here for

The first kiss:
• I don't think this kiss would be a surprise
• You two had been dating for about a month already, so you knew it was coming eventually, but it's not like you planned it out step by step
• He'd probably be very traditional in a relationship; especially in the first few months
• So you two would go on a nice date and he'd walk you back home hand in hand like the gentleman he is
• you would stop outside of your house and turn to face each other
• You would keep talking until the conversation you were having ended
•You would look each other in the eyes and you would silently hope that he would do it, but it didn't seem like it was going to happen tonight so you gave him a wave goodbye and headed into your house
• before you could enter though he grabbed your wrist and turned you back around
• he didn't say for do anything for a few moments, but you saw him swallow really hard (cause he was nervous af cause you're so pretty damn)
• You were about to ask what he wanted. Like you were all like "Jeno wha-"
•but then that bitch cut you off by kissing you
•You were a little surprised so it took you a minute to close your eyes and kiss him back
• it wasn't long, but not short either. A good amount of time like 5 seconds ish
• his lips were v soft
• and you could feel him smirking a bit which was cute af
• his lips tasted a bit like his favorite soda and a mixture of his chapstick
• he pulled away and had a huge smile on his face
•you guys didn't really say anything about it and he just waved and said bye and started walking back home
• uwu I love him

Kissing now:
• Now that the first kiss was done and over with, you two were doing it a lot more
• over a few months it turned into kissing like all the time because you guys liked it so much
• it started with kissing every time you were saying bye or leaving each other
• then you guys kissed whenever you saw each other (like when you show up for a date you kiss right away)
•then it was just whenever you had the chance you would give each other quick pecks!
• I don't think he'd be too big on pda or anything. Like he wouldn't kiss you in front of his members or friends but he would just do it whenever it felt right. does that make sense?
• his lips were always soft and he tasted different every time, but it was always in a good way
•he'd smile a lot into the kisses because he couldn't help it he was just so happy
•he would probably place his hands on each side of your face or neck and then probably rub his thumbs against your jaw
•I can't picture him doing anything adventurous with his tongue or bitting unless you guys were full on making out
• he was just a sweetheart and a really nice and gentle kisser!
•get you a Jeno

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