Your P.O.V:

Justin left to a club, with his friends a few hours ago. I've told him it's not healthy drinking alot, but he definitely did something about it. It's been 3 months since he had a drink, so I thought I should really send him. Another reason, is that I don't want him to feel that I'm so over-protective, and that I'm keeping his freedom. He'll be back anytime now!

*Ding Dong* The sound of the door-bell stinged my ears. I hurried up to the door, not knowing what Justin's drunk level would be. I opened the door, and he fell onto my chest, since he was leaning on the door that I just opened. 

"Justin!" I yelled a little, in tension. He never answered. "Are you okay?!" I asked him. He instantly chuckled and said "Nope. I'm Justin" and fell to the ground laughing his arse off. I shut the door, and pulled him up, with all the strength I had. 

"You look just like Y/n!" He said, and I was completely dumb-founded. He was incredibly-so badly-unimaginably- Drunk. I replied "I am Y/n, Justin, let's go to bed." and pulled him up. He asked me "Where are our kids?!" and searched for them. What? We didn't even get married yet! I sighed as I answered "Justin, we aren't married yet."

I took him upstairs, with my hands around his shoulders, and his around my waist. On our way, our little cat ran upto him and picked it up. He said "Oh my gosh, look how small this lion is!". I replied "Justin, it's a cat!" and He said "Oh, atleast it's kinda orangey-yellow", I told him "It's a white cat, Justin."

By the time we got into the room, I was tired. Oh lord. 

- - - - - - - - - End Of P.O.V - - - - - - - - - 

Justin was in a hurry to put the lights off. You said "Good night, Justin" and put the blanket over you both. "Good morning babe" Justin whispered into your ears, after you corrected him saying "Night." He hid his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling the feminine fragrance of your hair. Suddenly, it all felt like a movie. 

"Sleep sweet, baby" you whispered, turning towards his face, noticing his eyes burning holes into you. You knew what was to happen, and you also knew you cannot stop 'it' from happening. If you did, its going to end up in a bad way. 

You giggled, as his inked arms snaked around your waist pulling you closer. His breath was hot. His hands were getting wet by the minute. You two stepped into another world. A world were fantasies within fantasies existed.You didn't want to do anything like this, when he was drunk, but that was one of the ways to snap him back to reality.

He ran his hands over your clothes that were covering you. He hovered over you, and slowly undid the top, and threw it somewhere around the room. He kissed your lips, and caressed them slowly, and moved to your neck, while his hands found their way to your intimate. With one swift gesture, it was off of you, leaving your engorged bundle of nerves free. Out of instincts, you tried hiding your beautiful self, which he stopped you from. 

His lips were stuck on your neck, but were free enough to move. The temperature in his mouth was so high. After a few minutes of silence, he whispered "I love you so much, like oh so so much". Those words, made you feel very loved and in response, you said "I love you". 

He kissed your jawline, slowly descending, and caressing your bundle of nerves. All you could do was moan, from the intense feeling that his fingers where giving on one, and his mouth, that was pushing you off the edge on the other one. He was kneading it, like dough, making you feel on top of the world. 

Suddenly, all of these feelings came to an end, when he withdrew completely. You fluttered your eyes open, to find him undressing, and pulling the drawers of your nightstand. You knew what he was doing, and shut your eyes, feeling his warm body hover over you again. 

His lips were back to your neck, but this time, one of his hands were somewhere else. In your heated, wet, and throbbing core they were. The feeling was intolerable. His longest finger was inside you, adding more while drawing vertical lines, hitting that special spot every time.It never took you long for your senses to explode, but when he felt it coming closer, he removed his fingers and with no warning, his tongue was inside you, lashing out all the wet folds, slapping them in the nook and corners. 

It was all you needed, to let go of everything. Along with that, came a mind-boggling head spin, seeing stars floating in the room. You could hear his heavy-breaths, and his satisfied sounding moans. 

"Are ya ready?" He asked you, as he spread your legs. It was cute how he remembered to ask you, even if he was drunk enough to forget his name. You said "I was born ready, Justin!" and you giggled a little. 

A little scream escaped your mouth; when his member was on its way to your core. It stretched out everything on its way, making you feel a little pain. You squeezed his hands, and he understood it pained. He immediately kissed your lips, and moved roughly, letting the pain ease away. 

He moved in and out, in a continous manner, exchanging moans, and little wet kisses. It was like he was drilling a hole, something unexplainable. A fraction of a second later, you could feel something like knots in your stomach, and lost control of yourself. He went faster, only bringing you closer to the end. 

You heard him say your name so loud, it pushed you off the edge and encouraged you to let your senses go crazy and insane over the feeling. And when you did, you reached the end of all this pleasure. 

As a result, you were breathing heavily, kept your eyes shut tightly, holding his hands, and caught your breath. A few minutes later, when you both calmed down, you asked him "What did you drink?" and He replied "Bottles of love".

You giggled, and rubbed his back as he laid down on your bare chest. He kept his eyes tightly closed. When you were about to ask him something, you realized he was already asleep. One of the advantages when he was drunk is that, the chemicals really kick in and knock him out every single time. You pulled the blanket over you both, watching his face in peace, over your rising and falling chest. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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Question #1: 

Bizzle69 asked: How long have you been a Belieber? 

Answer: I've been a Belieber since 2011. Infact, I was a hater.. (I hate myself for doing that now, though) I was officially a Belieber, on New Year's day. He was my New Year Gift. :P 

Question #2:

katie_lewis_95 asked: What is your favourite song from Journals? (Top 3?)

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Question #3:

Niky1342: Have you ever been to a Justin Bieber concert? 

Answer: Unfortunately no. (T_T) But i'm okay with it, because he says that the ones he hasn't met yet, are the special ones! So, yep! Good things come to those who wait! 

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