The mystery person with the angelic voice stole the ball from me and began dribbling it. I stood up in front of him soon realizing it was the boy from next door, the one who I was spying on throught my window. Well, it wasn't really spying, it was more like studying him because he was something I was interested in and I wanted to learn, yeah I was studying him.

He stood up next to me. "I'm Austin. I see your our new neighbors."

"Yeah, we just got here. And I'm Emily." 

"Why aren't you inside unpacking?"

"My parents are control freaks and want to do things their way. And plus I have to paint my room. I don't feel like having a white room for the rest of my lifet that I spend in this house."

"Ahhhhh. I know what you mean. My room's yellow. I don't really enjoy the color but it's okay. My mom won't let me paint it any other color, so, yeah. Welcome to San Antonio, Texas baby." He said with a wink. I rolled my eyes with a smirk, probably blushing again. "Hey, what grade are you in? "

"Thanks and I'm in 9th, going to be attending, Lady Bird Johnson. Weird name for a school." I muttered. He was probably a senior and with just my luck, I was probably stuck with a really hot neighbor who would most likely be 18 and that would not be approved by my parents. But, yet again, I am getting ahead of myself here. "Can I have my ball back?"

"Weird name for a GREAT school. But, sweet, so am I. And, not until you answer a question." He was in 9th grade?

What the heck? I'm telling you, he's too hot to be a freshie. But, I certainley wouldn't mind every other guy in Lady Bird Johnson High School to be hot like him.

"Okay. What's your question?"

"Do you play?" He asked, his eyes meeting mine and immediately looking down, blushing.

"Yes. I'm not good." I lied. I was great. In my old school that I went to in New York, we won almost every game. With the acceptional losses of one or two games in the season. I was on the Junior Hornets in my old school for 5 years. It was a great five years at that too.

"Well, seeing how you play, you should give me your number and we could chill, sometime soon."

"Sounds good." I handed him my phone and he gave me his. I put in my number and filled out my contact card as Emily!(: I scrolled down on his Iphone and filled in the occupation slot. I typed in really fast, 'Your mega attrective neighbor!(;',  and handed him his phone back, smirking and looking at mine.

'This Sexy Beast, Austin(;' was in the occupation card. I bursted out laughing. I looked at his contact name, 'Austin!(:', and smiled.

"I'll call you tomorrow since I'm not doing anything." He smirked.

"Okay, Bye." I said, grabbing my ball and giving him a hug.

After that, I walked inside with a huge grin on my face. I collapsed on my bed. I had a long day. It was now 6pm. I sat there, staring at my ceiling for a minute, thinking about Austin, the incredibly hot boy next door, then, I passed out.

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