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Liam rolled his eyes. “Okay. I promise to take it easy, and if I feel any more bad, you’ll be the first to know. Can we just go now?”


The show hadn’t been anything special. Reporters, who asked the same questions they’d been asked a hundred times before, so that they were able to answer them smoothly without even thinking – which was a really good thing for Liam. His headache had gotten worse, but he didn’t want the others to know.

Harry was literally glued to his side for the whole day.

During the whole interview he sat next to Liam on the couch, having the older boy pulled a little close, so that Liam was slightly leaning into his side. Whenever Liam stumbled over a question, Harry was quick to pick up the sentence and continue it in an exited voice, like he couldn’t wait for his boyfriend to even finish.

Niall, Louis and Zayn shared confused looks every time something like that happened – which was pretty often to be honest. They sensed that something was up, even if they didn’t understand what exactly was going on.

Later, on stage, it was pretty obvious to all of them that Liam was totally out of it, even if he tried very hard to hide it.

He had gotten so pale that he looked like he was about to faint every moment, so without speaking about it they managed that one of them always was on Liam’s side, just in case.

Especially Niall was flustered and tried his best to cheer his boyfriend up whenever he stood next to him to put an arm around his shoulders.

As soon as they’d finished their three songs, they left the stage. They felt a bit sorry for the fans, but it was more important to get Liam to tell them what was wrong and to give the boy a chance to rest.

Backstage they got him to lie down on the same couch they’d used for the interview and built half a circle around him.

“Love, what’s wrong?”, Louis asked softly and got on his knees in front of his boyfriend.

“I’m dizzy!”, Liam mumbled, seeing no use in denying it anymore. The show was over, now he could just go home, get in bed and simply feel miserable.

Harry frowned and took over Louis’ place. “Have you eaten anything at all today?” He watched with concerned eyes as his boyfriend slightly shook his head.

“Wasn’t hungry…”, Liam answered weakly and squeezed his eyes shut as the room began to spin again.

“Here, I have a coke!”, Niall offered. “The sugar will make you feel better, I promise.”

Harry took the bottle out of Niall’s hand and helped Liam to sit up a bit. “Get Paul and tell him that we want to go back right now. Okay?”

“Already done!” Zayn came back – Harry hadn’t even noticed he was gone in the first place, he only had eyes for his sick friend. “Let’s get him into the car.”

“I can walk by myself!”, Liam protested as they attempted to grab him. “It won’t kill me, so chill out!” Yeah, okay – he was a grump when he got ill – or being precise, he was a grump when someone saw him when he was in that state. He preferred to deal with it on his own.

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