it'll be better soon - liam centric

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Prompt: Liam gets sick with a cold or something and the boys have to be there for him, even if everybody is used to Daddy Direction watching out for them 


“Guys? Get ready, driver’s here in 10 minutes!”

Niall looked into the living room and found three of his boyfriends chilling on the couch. “What are you waiting for? Come on, get up!” He took Louis’ hand to pull him upwards, when he noticed someone was missing. “Hey, where’s Liam?”

“I’ll go and get him!”, Harry offered and stood up. He stretched his back and walked out of the room, towards the door to Liam’s room. Now that he was thinking about it, it was strange that the boy had spend the whole time alone in his room. Usually he loved to spend as much time with his friends as possible.

Harry knocked carefully against the wooden door. “Hey there… Liam?”


Harry opened the door and peeked into the room. He frowned when he saw his boyfriend lying on his bed, just staring against the ceiling. “Are you okay?”, he demanded to know as he slowly walked towards the bed.

“Sure…” Liam turned his head and watched as Harry sat down on the edge of the bed. “So, what’s up?”

“You could move your lazy ass out of the bed, considering that we have to leave in a few minutes.”

Harry laughed and reached forward to brush the hair out of his friend’s forehead, but as his fingertips touched the skin, his smile slowly faded. “Jesus, Li! You’re burning up!”

“I’m fine!” Liam shoved the hand away and sat up. He closed his eyes for a moment and grimaced. “Just a little headache.”, he admitted through his teeth. “But it’s nothing too bad.”

“Are you sure?” Harry tilted his head and observed his friend closely. Again he reached out for Liam’s forehead. “I think you have a fever. Maybe you should really take a day off.” He gently stroked his cheek, which was hot as well. “Anything besides the headache?”, he asked quietly. “Are you feeling sick? Are you in pain? Or…”

“Harry, please!” Liam held up his hands. “I’m okay, really. And we only have to sing three songs on the show tonight, and… you know. The show must go on.” He let out a little sigh as Harry’s fingers began to massage his temples. “Even if I have to admit that this feels really good.” he continued with a slight smile. “Whatever. I’ll just sleep it off afterwards, and tomorrow I will be perfectly fine!” He tried to get up, but quickly grabbed Harry’s shoulders as the world around him started spinning.

“Whoa, slowly!” Harry watched the older boy with concerned eyes and held a hand on his back to steady him. “Li, you…”

“…got up too quickly, that’s all.”

Harry shook his head in a frustrated way, but he knew that there was little he could do. Sometimes Liam was way too stubborn for his own good. “Okay, but… take it easy, yeah? Promise?” He stood as well and hugged Liam from behind. “And if it’s getting worse you’re gonna tell me, okay?”

Liam smiled slightly. “I really do love you, you know that?”

“I love you too. And as much as I love to hear that, it won’t trick me. You haven’t answered a single question.”

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