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The team all sat in the quinjet in silence. Natasha, Cap, and Bucky felt responsible for this whole situation and Eve. Bucky is a super soldier and he still couldn't get to her.

"How you feeling?" Nat asked Bucky. Bucky just shrugged so he didn't have to talk about it.

Once they landed, they headed to Tony's mansion on the outside of L.A. It was a lot sunnier and warmer here than it has been in New York. It was about 6 pm so the team started getting ready for the awards. Bucky wore an all black suit, borrowed from Steve.

Bucky adjusted his tie in the mirror before Steve walked in wearing navy pants and jacket with a white shirt and red tie.

"Wow," Bucky said sarcastically.

"Gotta stick with the brand," Steve said and paused a moment. "You ready?"

"Yeah," Bucky said with a straight face. The team all met in the foyer dressed their best. Of course, they had to wait for Tony.

Once Tony finally came downstairs, they walked out of the house to see Tony's cars lined up. Nat drove Steve and Bucky in their own separate car. They rode in silence until they pulled up to the red carpet.

"Let's go get Bucky's girl," Nat said as she gracefully stepped out of the car to hand the keys to the valet. Steve and Bucky got out on the other side, greeted with camera flashes. Steve smiled as Bucky kept his straight face. Seconds later Tony pulled up with Pepper, stealing all the attention.

Steve and Bucky walked around the carpet looking over everyone's heads to try to spot Eve. After a couple of minutes, Steve hit Bucky's arm. Bucky looked over to see Eve. His breath hitched in his throat.

Eve wore a black satin a-line dress with spaghetti straps. There was a slit up the dress to her hip where her leg rested out. Her hair was in a tight low bun.

Bucky suddenly felt a pang in his chest when he saw Alvaro's arm around her waist while cameras got their photos

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Bucky suddenly felt a pang in his chest when he saw Alvaro's arm around her waist while cameras got their photos. Although he noticed that Eve wasn't smiling, it was completely straight and reserved.

Steve and Bucky slowly made their way over, making sure to keep their distance to stay off Alvaro's radar. Once Steve and Bucky were 30 feet away, Alvaro whispered in Eve's ear, making Bucky want to throw up.

Not a second later, the actor they were supposed to look after fell to the ground choking. All of the cameras and people turned to him to help while Eve and Alvaro stayed put. Bucky looked at her to see her hand in a tight fist.

Without another thought, Bucky walked over and grabbed her arm. Eve let her hand relax before she threw a gust of air at Bucky's chest, throwing him to the ground. He knew she wouldn't remember him, but part of him hoped she would, which resulted in him crushed. Steve helped Bucky up as Alvaro whispered to Eve, then walked inside as Eve took off.

Eve walked off the red carpet and onto the street. Bucky and Steve ran after her and followed her into an alley. When they stepped into the alley, they stopped to see Eve standing in the middle. Bucky and Steve took their chance.

"Eve, it's me, you know me," Bucky said slowly and took small steps closer to her. Eve barely squinted her eyes in confusion before forming two electric rods in her hands. "Eve, this isn't you."

Eve threw one rod at Bucky, launching it so fast that Bucky barely moves before it slams into the brick building, crushing the brick.

"At least she waits to start a fight," Cap said, hinting at the old winter soldier fights.

Eve walked up to Bucky swinging a rod at his chest. Bucky fell back as Cap moved forward to try to punch Eve. Eve wrapped air around his wrist and threw Cap down the alley, crashing into the metal trash bins.

Bucky stood and wrapped his metal arm around Eve's neck lightly enough to let her breathe. Eve brought her hands up to his forearm.

"Eve, this isn't you. You trust me, Bucky, James," Bucky got out before Eve began trying to melt Bucky's arm. His arm started glowing red before he let go of her. Eve stumbled away, then turned back around to throw her arms from her waist, up to cause a wave in the ground. It threw Bucky back out of the alley, leaving him groaning on the ground with dirt now covering his suit.

Eve followed him with an electric rod in her hand. But before she could reach Bucky, Cap ran out from a side alley to punch Eve full force across her face. Eve stumbled to the wall for support as her hand held her nose, meanwhile Cap helped Bucky up.

Once Bucky stood next to Steve, Eve pushes off the wall and dropped her hand, revealing blood gushing out of her nose. Eve's eyes turned furious then to red as fire shot out of her hands.

"How hard did you punch her?" Bucky scolded Steve.

"I dropped a helicopter on you into a canal. I'm going easy on her," Steve said as Tony flew overhead in his suit, dropping Steve his shield. Steve caught it just as a stream of fire reached the two. Bucky stood behind Steve and the shield.

Tony landed behind Eve, making her stop the fire and look at him. Tony held his hand out, ready to fire at her.

"Stand down, hothead," Tony said to her. Eve looked away, focused on listening, then ducked back into the side alley and disappeared as Bucky, Steve, and Tony got to the entrance.

"Friday," Tony said as she switched him to thermal. Eve wasn't on the ground, she was gone.

"We could have gotten her," Bucky said in a cold voice. This time, Tony chose to not mouth off to him because he knows how much Eve means to Bucky.

"Steve?" Nat said over their earpieces.

"Yeah?" Steve answered.

"We got Alvaro."

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