last resort - liam centric

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Prompt: Louis finds Liam searching for bandages because he cut himself while cooking. He brushes it off, because Liam can be clumsy sometimes.

Niall finds Liam cleaning up the shards of a broken mirror that fell and shattered. He doesn't notice Liam's scratched and red hand.

Zayn finds Liam with a pale face, shaking hands, and a long sleeved shirt on. He believes Liam when he says he had a nightmare, and doesn't see the red razor hanging up in the shower.

(They never question why Liam likes keeping his shirt on during sex. He says he likes the contrast of textures.)

Harry doesn't find Liam when he enters his apartment, until he goes into the bathroom and finds Liam curled in a ball, crying and painted in red. He doesn't know what to do.

The other three find two of their lovers sitting on the once-white tiles, and have to figure out how to pick up the pieces.

Warning: self harm, depression


It was hard to know when it all started. Harry wonders how they could have all missed the signs that their beautiful Liam was cutting. How things got to such a point that Harry had come home to an empty apartment – Niall, Zayn and Louis were on a group date – and he had discovered Liam in the bathroom. His boyfriend had been curled up on the floor, arms streaked with a flurry of cuts that bled freely, the crimson liquid making a stark contrast to the sterile whiteness of the tiles of the floor. Liam was crying so hard that his eyes were red rimmed, tear tracks running down his face. Harry had been frozen by the awful sight, his insides gripped by a relentless panic that only eases when he was kneeling on the floor besides Liam and had his lover held securely in his arms. Harry has no idea what to say, he has no idea what to do. He does not want to leave Liam alone for even a moment, scared of what his lover could do if left on his own. So Harry is thankful there is a first aid kit stashed in the mirror fronted medicine cabinet, a first aid kit that Liam had insisted they have. Harry is not a medical professional, but he does the best he can. To his relief, he finds that he is able to stop the cuts from bleeding. They had not been deep, but there had been a lot of cuts. Liam weakly struggles with Harry, fighting to not have his cuts bandaged up, and screams at Harry that he hates him. That he can’t stand to be around Harry or their other lovers anymore. Harry knows Liam does not mean it, but that does not make it hurt any less. He just holds Liam close, until Liam falls limp in his arms and whispers that he is sorry for everything, and that he would be better off dead. Harry is horrified to hear one of his boyfriends talk in such a morbid way. He does not mean to snap at Liam, knows he should tread gently with his boyfriend in such a fragile state, but he cannot just sit there quietly and let Liam talk about himself like that. So he tells Liam off, and says how lost Harry and the others would be without Liam in their lives. Harry tries not to sound harsh as he scolds Liam but he knows he is probably failing miserably. And that is how the others find them.

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