our little nialler - niall centric

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Prompt: Niall has been sleeping around. The other boys find out, and decide to punish him. As it turns out, Niall is a cockslut.

Warning: smut, smut, smutty smut, 15+


It was weird. Niall was weird.

"Jesus, what do you even spend your money on, Niall?" Liam gaped at his mate's bank account. Niall wanted to switch banks for a better deal and it was the same one his mum was using anyway. He had asked Liam to help, since he was oblivious to this kind of thing.

Niall chuckled. "Food and guitars. That's all."

Liam shook his head. "Alright. Watch how you use your money."

Liam waited for Niall to say something sarcastic about acting like his mum, but there was nothing. "Ni?" Liam looked away from the computer screen and up at Niall, who was standing at his side.

"...what?" Niall said, blankly.

Liam shook his head. "Nothing."

Liam had forgotten about that little incident until the next week. Him and the other lads were at the studio late working on a new album, while Niall stayed at the hotel, as per usual. And had asked Liam to text him when they were on their way back, as per usual. But maybe he was distracted or tired or something, because for once Liam actually forgot to text Niall as he joined the other boys in the van.

When they opened the hotel door it was eerily quiet, and--

"Niall," came a moan.

He and the other boys, half in and half out of their own hotel room, froze at the sound. "...um," Liam said.

"What," Harry said.

Liam's stomach filled with dread. Or was it jealousy? Either way, Niall was a virgin, wasn't he? He would've told the boys if he wasn't, right? Liam swallowed.

"Maybe...maybe we should go?" He said it like a question, glancing back at the other boys in confusion.

"What? And miss this?" Louis' voice was pitched higher, excitement in his tone. He pushed past Liam and headed to the source of the noise.

The other boys joined Louis as he opened the door to Niall's room. Niall and this--this girl, this slut, this busty blonde whore (at least according to Liam)--turned to the noise, Niall stopped mid-thrust.

Liam's jaw fell open. His little, innocent, baby Nialler was--was--

"Niall," Zayn breathed. Even he was at a loss for words, opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water.

Harry frowned. "Let's go, lads." He was the first to turn away, gone into the kitchen. The others followed one by one, Liam being the last. Finally he shut the door, severing the awkwardness. Kind of.

They were all still up when Niall and the girl came out of his room and said their goodbyes. Niall passed her a stack of cash as she left. Liam frowned. This is where all his money had been going?

Niall noticed Liam staring and his face flushed. "It's to keep her quiet," he mumbled.

Liam shook his head. "One day you're going to get caught, Niall," he said emptily. This all seemed like a dream.

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