banana - niall centric

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Prompt: To say that they were worried about Louis would be an understatement. It's not so much that they were worried about the lad himself, but what he would do. You see, Louis was a little outgoing. And a lot gay. Add this with the new member of their little friend group, Niall, and you have what they were worried about. Niall is an adorable, fluffy, and incredibly fuck-able tenth year. Louis is a 12th year, as is Zayn, and Liam and Harry are in 11th. Harry and Liam have Niall in many of their classes because Niall happens to be a huge brainiac. And today they invited him over to a sleepover at Harry's house.

A night that causes Niall's innocence to be disrupted, Louis to have some fun, and the boys to never be able to look at a banana in the same way again.


"Are you sure?" Niall bites his lip, his cheeks flushing lightly. "I-I mean, I'm kind of nerdy."

"No, they'll love you. I promise." Liam says, clapping a hand to the smaller lad's shoulder.

"Alright," Niall reaches up and ruffles his own hair. "Thank you,"

"See you later Ni," Harry gives him a quick hug before the blonde rushes off for chemistry. He doesn't like to be late. Harry smiles after him, Liam sighs.

"Yeah, Lou is really going to love him." He says.

"He won't, he wouldn't." Harry turns to his friend. "Not with Niall."

"Louis wants what he wants." Liam says. "And he always gets what he wants."


"You can set up your sleeping bag next to mine, Ni." Harry says. Niall nods and bites his lip.

"Which one's yours?" He asks.

"The one at the end there." Harry points to the end of the room. He wants Niall sleeping as far away from Louis as possible.

"Thanks," Niall sets up his sleeping bag and grins in triumph.

"This your first sleepover?" Liam asks from the couch. He's smiling fondly at the quirky blonde, there's really no way you can't love him.

"Yeah," Niall blushes. "I didn't have a lot of friends in my old school."

"Why not?" Harry sits down next to Liam.

"P-People thought I was weird." Niall says.

"Aw, don't listen to them. Come 'ere," Liam opens his arms and Niall cuddles into him.

"Thanks," Niall smiles into Liam's chest. The doorbell rings so Harry gets up to answer it. He returns with Zayn Malik, a 12th year with a slightly bad side.

"Hey Li-whoa, who's this?" Zayn grins down at the little blonde. Niall blushes.

"I-I-I'm Niall." He says.

"M Zayn, nice to meet you." Zayn sits down on the couch.

"You-you too." Niall says.

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