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Prompt: Taylor swift is still Harry’s beard, and the bots actually like her, except Liam. Taylor is always really mean to him, and the one time he defends himself the boys defend her and get mad because she’s crying. Liam runs away crying because they don’t believe him, but they find out and fluff?


 “Harry you have to meet up with Taylor today” James, one of their managers announced as the boys went into the breakfast room of their hotel in Los Angeles.

Liam’s smile dropped immediately as he thought of Harry’s “girlfriend” Taylor Swift joining them in the studio. Everyone got along very well with the singer but Liam had a problem with her. She didn’t like him and always treated him bad, saying nasty things to him while no one was around.

Liam always had to pretend that everything was alright but it wasn’t. He was angry and her comments really hurt him. One time Daddy Direction had tried to talk to Harry about it but he hadn’t listened.

“Oh okay that’s fine” the curly haired boy replied and the other boys smiled as much as he did.

“She’s going to arrive in about an hour and joining us in the studio today. Remember to hold hands with her and just act like always” James said and Harry nodded yes.

It wasn’t a problem for him to fake a relationship because he knew it was for the best. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship. Louis had Eleanor, Zayn had Perrie and since his “break-up” with Danielle, Liam, Harry and Niall were single.

Management had decided to get Harry a beard because rumours around the boys being gay were always going around and they didn’t want to come out because they were scared so they had decided to get “girlfriends”.

Luckily it wasn’t too hard to pretend to be in love with someone because they just had to hold hands and smile at each other a few times and that was enough.

Everyone got along with Taylor very well but it seemed like she didn’t like Liam because every time the two of them were along she would say some rude things to him.

The boys were currently in Los Angeles recording their next album and because Taylor was living there she and Harry met a lot.

Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam accepted the fact that he had to go out with her but still missed their boyfriend a lot when he was spending time with her.

“Are you okay Liam?” Louis asked and pulled the boy out of his thoughts.

Liam looked up and met Louis’ blue eyes looking at him a little bit worried.

“Yeah I’m fine” he reassured his boyfriend and sat down next to him, smiling a little bit.


Breakfast went quick and soon the boys were back in their room getting dressed before they drove to the studio.

Liam looked at his watch the whole time realizing that Taylor would be here soon.

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