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Prompt: Louis is a songwriter and writes all of one direction’s hit songs. When the boys first meet him, they are expecting some old guy and are amazed at his beauty. And can be be really insecure and tiny and gorgeous? Thank you love :)


“Get up Liam! Liam get up now!” Niall nearly screamed as he jumped on the bed where his boyfriend Liam was still sleeping.

The older boy groaned and tried to bury his face underneath his pillow to block the noises but Niall grabbed it and threw it away before he could.

“Niii what’ss going on?” he slurred, his voice still deep from sleeping and cracked an eye open before closing it again as the light blinded him.

“We’re going to the studio today so get up now” the blonde boy said excited and Daddy Direction knew how much Niall loved to record new tunes and play on his guitar the whole day.

“Zayn and Haz?” he asked tiredly and sat up, stretching his limbs.

“Are already upstairs making breakfast” Niall replied and Liam knew that there was no way of lying back down and going to sleep again because Niall was full of energy today.

He slowly got out of bed and Niall grabbed his hand before nearly running down the stairs with his boyfriend trailing behind him.

“Niall we told you to wake him up quiet” Zayn said with a laugh as his boyfriends walked into the kitchen.

“I did” the blonde boy defended himself and Harry who was preparing pancakes just laughed.

“Why are you so excited about today?” Liam asked still a little bit confused as he sat down.

“We are recording our second album, we’re going to listen to new songs today and record some of them and this is huge” he answered and Harry kissed Niall on the cheek before sitting down next to him.

“He has been like this since he woke up” Zayn explained to Liam who smiled at his boyfriend.


They all ate as fast as they could and as soon as they were finished they got into their car and drove to the studio.

“Good morning boys” Savan their vocal coach said as the boys walked into the studio about half an hour later.

“Morning” the all smiled and sat down on the couch.

“So we’ve got some amazing new songs that Louis wrote for you. They are massive and I’m sure you’re going to like them” Savan explained and started to play some of the songs.

The boy’s smiles grew wider with every single song they heard. The music was just perfect and even the lyrics were amazing. Niall was smiling like crazy because he was sure that these songs were going to be hit singles.

“This guy is amazing” Liam smiled after they had listened to the new songs that they were going to record now.

“He’s really talented” Zayn agreed and Harry also nodded.

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