Chapter 1: God Damn Avengers

I creep around the corner and see the two guards that protect the Hall of Jewels. Simple. I look up and see the ceiling has pipes, lights and vents uncovered. I run towards the wall across from me and jump, pushing myself to the other wall in the hallway and up to an air vent. Pulling myself up, I look down to make sure the guards hadn't heard anything. Crawling towards the doors, making sure I'm quiet, I hear the blonde guard's walkie talkie go off.

"Is everything secure down there?" the voice asks.

"Yep, seems like it'll be a quiet night." He replies. I smile to myself, knowing that these two will be in for a surprise. I leap down from the ceiling landing in front of the guards.

"Hate to burst your bubble, boys." I say as they both reach for their guns. Before either of them can even touch the trigger, I shoot my right arm out towards the blonde one and a small poison laced arrow flies out of my sleeve and into his chest. I spin and point my left arm towards to other guard so another arrow will come in contact with him. They both lay on the ground, unconscious. I didn't kill them, only knocked them out for an hour or so. Sure, they have arrows in their chests, but not deep enough to cause any real damage. I take the keys off of one of them and unlock the door.

Inside there are many, many crystals, jewels, and basically, expensive rocks. But I'm only after one. The Pink Star Diamond. The last one mined was in 1999 in South Africa and one carat alone is nearly 1.4 million dollars. Fully aware of any alarms and any cameras watching me, I walk forward, towards the glass case in the middle of the room. Reaching up my left sleeve, I grip an arrow. Shoving the arrow head in between the glass and wooden podium, I wiggle and pry the glass off until I break the seal. I fling the case up and it flies over the diamond and shatters against the floor. Carefully I pick up the delicate gem. That is when the alarms start blaring and the red lights begin flashing. The cops won't be here for a good 4 or 5 minutes, and that's all I need. Using the metal nails over my fingers I scratch the diamond, which causes it to screech. Smiling, I place the gem in the black leather bag that's attached to my right thigh. I run across the room to a black door that reads "Exit" above it, but before I leave, I glance up at the security camera. I bring my hand to my lips, or where they would be and blow a kiss to the camera through my sleek black mask, that almost resembles a snake head.

I shove the door open and run outside, the cold air brushing up my legs. When I'm a good three blocks away I hide in an ally and watch the flashing lights in the distance, surrounding the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle. I lift up my skirt and open my bag. I push up my mask and gaze at the diamond. Man, I'm good. Not allowing myself to relax too much, I place the gem back in my bag and put my mask back on. I run to the fire escape ladder and begin to climb. Once on the roof of a random building I run preparing myself to jump, but lurch to a stop.

I see a helicopter a few roofs over, the spotlight searching for something, someone, me. Frantically searching for an escape I run to my left, where no building waits for me. I jump and land, finding myself tumbling across the ground. Gradually standing and composing myself, I push my pain aside, and hide in the shadows of the building. I look out and see the Eiffel Tower, lighting up the night. If I wasn't on the verge of being captured, this would be a moment to revel in. I start to run about 5 minutes after the helicopter passes only to look up and see a red and gold figure fly above me with a black jet following behind it. Well that's just great. As if I didn't already have the CIA, FBI, SHIELD, and just about every other secret organization out there on my tail, now the god damn Avengers are after me now.

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