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Prompt: Liam studying And dating tour members of 1D. That's all.


When auditing for the X-factor at fourteen years old Liam developed a few connections. He made friends and met guys while in booth camp with Simon, but all of this was cut short when his mom decided to pull him from the competition because of the stress he was experimenting. Everything happens for a reason and maybe that's how the relationship he is in now, happened.

The four boys that were with him in the judges house stage were put together as a group not being strong enough competitors on their own. That is how the band One Direction with members Niall Horan 17, Harry styles 16, Louis Tomlinson 19 and Zayn Malik 17, was created. On July 23th 2010 One Direction aired on their first live show on the X-factor stage with Liam supporting at home.

No one knew that the four boys were enamoured with Liam since the first time they saw each other and started talking. One night, when Liam was calling Harry about te begging of his school year, the other boys heard him talking. The Liam topic was brought up and all the boys admitted they had a thing for Liam but also for each other.

When the final show was filmed. They decided to fly Liam to London to attend. This night leading to them ending the competition in third place, explaining to Liam with the dynamic of a potential five way relationship and plans for the future.

Now in 2015, Liam was in his final year in school. No one knew about Liam being anointed with the members of One Direction, no one knew what he was hiding behind those large sweaters belonging to Harry, no one knew about that penthouse downtown were Liam would spend his weekends with his boyfriends, no one knew a thing except his close family members.

Because no one knew of how Liam was truly living his life, he did get noticed in school. Not only was he ignored by his pears, he was bullied also. Boys and girl would call him name and push his button because they didn't know about the few tattoos he hid under those long sleeved shirt and about the way he could beat someone to the ground with the fighting skills he possesses from his regular boxing training. They only saw Liam like the week boys who couldn't stand up for himself in elementary school. The boy with one kidney. The boy with the stutter. Or even, the gay dude.

One direction was doing a concert in London this weekend. Liam knew this since the beginning of the tour but news was only spreading now across school.

The popular girls Gigi and Kendall were gossiping about it next to Liam in biology class Friday before the show.

"Oh my god, I can't believe we are the second row tonight Kendall! That is a dream come true." Gigi said

"I know, Harry will see me there in front and fall in love with me. With the backstage passes that my step mom bought us he will surely ask me to come to his private dressing room if you know what I mean." Kendall said. That particular comment caught Liam's attention. First of all, how could Harry want a girl like her when he was the one that love cock the most and had a kink for muscles.

"I'm hopping to get Zayn's attention. Since he announced that he like brunette in radio 1's interview last week." Gigi continued with a giggle. Liam snorted under his breath. He clearly remember Zayn sucking on his dick the night before the interview saying how he did love pulling on his hair and running his hand through it.

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