Childhood memories

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Snow and Roselina walked down the path that lead to the stable. Snow had been whisked away on the horse but Regina saved her. She was afraid to ride again but she dicieded to give it another try. Roselina came with her,she didn't want Snow to face it by herself. They walked in front of the stable doors and saw Regina, their soon to be step-mother, kissing another man. Snow dropped the saddle and Regina and the man broke apart.

‘’Snow, Roselina, what are you two doing here?’’Regina asked

‘’You said to get back on the horse and’’Snow said

‘’What are you doing with him?’’Roselina asked.

‘’Girls, I can explain.’’Regina said

Snow grabbed Roselina’s hand and they both ran away, tears in their eyes. They liked Regina, they wanted her to be their mother.

‘’Snow, Roselina wait!’’Regina called after them, but they kept running, they weren't that fast, their little legs didn't give them much speed.Snow had tripped and her and Roselina fell to the ground together, in tears.

‘’Girls! Are you two okay?’’Regina said helping them.

‘’No. why were you kissing that man in the stable you are to marry our father, you are to be our mother’’Snow said in tears.

‘’Snow, Roselina. Please listen to me’’

Regina said taking both of their hands.

‘’Your father, King Leopold, is a kind and fair man but I don’t love him.’’Regina confessed

‘’Why not?’’Roselina asked

‘’Love doesn't work that way. Love, true love, is magic. And not just any magic, the most powerful magic of all. It creates happiness’’Regina explained to them.

‘And that man in the stables, you love him?’’Snow asked

‘’With all my heart.’’’

The girls both smiled at Regina.

‘’Then you must marry him’’They said together. Regina smiled at them and they all giggled in happiness.

‘’I will go tell father, right away’’Snow said getting up from the ground and pulling Roselina up with her.

‘’No, no you cant.’’Regina said stopping the two girls.

‘’Why not? Surely he will understand’’Snow asked

‘’Perhaps but not everyone will. My mother for one, she will stand in the way’’

‘’That’s why your running?’’Roselina said.

‘’it’s the only way our love can survive. Snow, Roselina. Do you two know what a secret is’’

The girls both nodded.

‘’If you really, truly want to help me’’

‘’We do’’snow said. Roselina nodded in agreement.

‘’Then what you both saw, what I told you, you must keep it a secret. Can you do that?’’

‘’I think so’’Snow said

‘’Yes’’Roselina said.

‘’I need you to be certain. You both can never speak of this and above all you mustn’t tell my mother. Will you do that for me?’’

The two girls looked at each other before nodding to Regina.


‘’We promise’’Roselina said. Regina brought the two girls in a hug.


The trial starts tomorrow and i wanted to see Mary Margret before. I knew she was innocent but the only people that actually see it is Henry, Emma and I grabbed some lunch from grannys and I made my way to the station. I walked down the small hallway and into the station.

‘’Hey, mars’’I said, using the old nickname I used to call Mary Margret when we were children.

‘’Hey, liz’’Mary Margret said standing from the small cot in the cell.

‘’I got us some lunch’’I said holding the bag up. I walked over to the cell and I handed Mary Margret a grilled cheese and a soda.

‘’Your obsession with Grilled cheese’’she said laughing slightly.

‘’It is the bed food ever created in the history of the human race’’I said grabbing a chair and setting it close to the cell. I sat down and unwrapped my food.

‘’How are you?’’I asked.

‘’Well I am accused of murder’’

‘’yeah, sorry wrong question’’I said laughing.

She nodded taking a bite of her sandwich.

‘’Don’t worry, Emma will find a way to prove your innocence.’’

‘’hopefully’’ Mary Margret said breathing out.

‘’She will. I know you would never hurt anyone’’I said shaking my head slightly.

‘’Thank you, for believing me’’

‘’im your sister, im obligated to believe you’’I said taking a bite of the wonderful sandwich.

‘’I have to get back to school’’I said standing up.’’Want me to stop by tonight?’’

‘’No, that’s fine’’

I nodded, smiling at her.

‘’I love you, Mars’’I said

‘’Love you too, Liz’’ she said smiling at me. I walked out of the station with tears in my eyes. I already lost Graham, i cant lose my sister too.

Flashback::''Snow, why would you tell? Regina said not to''Roselina siad looking at her sister confused and a little angry.

''I didn't want her to lose her mother, like we did''Snow said looking at Roselina with a sad smile on her face.

''Regina might get mad. ''Roselina said, smoothing out her dress.

''i dont think so but she loves Daniel, i think Regina will understand''Snow said

''I really hope so, i want her to be happy. i like her''Roselin's said. Snow took a bow and tied it in Roselina's hair.

''Me too and now she will be happy. She can have her mother and have Daniel''

Roselina nodded and smiled at Snow.

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