Chapter 40

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After forcing down as many waffles as I could handle in one setting, I finally shower, tackle the constant feral mess that is my hair, throw on some lip gloss to look a little like a girl and find some clean clothes in the disaster area of this room. I manage to source some clean black leggings and a clean- enough hoodie and head down stairs to meet Arge and Crispin.

I have been equal parts scared and interested to hear what he has to say, though Argent is more cautious about it all. He gives the distinct impression that he doesn't all together trust Crispin. I have no clue why and he hasn't said much about it other than the fact that Crispin was never his favourite cousin.

Apparently my brother feels the same way. He sent me a text this morning telling me to be careful around him.

I take the stairs two at a time, bypassing some of the little kids on their way to class and jump down to the final landing in time to see Crispin and Argent heading into the conference room.

It's just the three of us this morning, though Alpha wants a full report of what we find out as soon as he gets back from his outing. Today is the day he must go and meet with the local packs to discuss the changes that keep rolling on to us like a bus with no breaks.
It just keeps coming. And somehow, we are all still standing. For now.

I guess that says something about the wolf kind. We get knocked down and we get back up again.
Well, so far anyway, though Argent keeps telling me it's never been this much at once! Must be my luck of the draw!

I sigh and rest my palm on the door. I need to take a few steadying breaths before I walk through and hear what he has to say. I feel like this news may be a game changer. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for another game changer.

But here goes nothing.

I knock softly and enter. The two boys sit at the end of the long conference table. Crispin is busy setting up the projector and his computer and Argent is looking at some notebooks that Crispin brought with him.

They both look up when they hear the door open. Argent smiles and pats the chair to his left, Crispin gives me a small nod and goes back to setting up his presentation, it feels very formal all of a sudden.

"Ok, almost done. So, this will help you both to understand what we have been doing. It's a visual guide to what I will be saying today really. But please stop me at any time to ask questions, I know you will have a lot to ask about."

Crispin sits down next to his open lap top and looks at us both, waiting for permission to start.

Argent gives my hand a squeeze and I nod.

"Ok, so, as you are both aware, we have been researching the origin of your mothers unique circumstances. But it didn't start with her. She was just one of the people we found out about along the way. Our initial subject of interest was a young girl called Mila. She is about your age Aida and was snatched during a random vampire attack on her pack about a year and a half ago.
After about two weeks missing, she just turned up at the pack house but she was different somehow. For one, she has new substantial gifts, unlike any we had ever come across in our kind. Strength, agility and speed unlike any other. And a sense of smell that was unparalleled. But she was also deeply troubled. This is not what brought her to us however, she was always like this. It was more about the changes noticed since her return to the pack, most importantly, she was having....visions.

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