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"Josephine Winston" Dr. Margret called out, and a blonde woman stood, grabbing her purse. Dr. Margret seen her bright smile and had a good feeling about this one.

"Hello, please take a seat." The redhead led Josephine down a hallway and into a rather small office. Taking her seat behind her desk.

"Thank you." Josephine was one of the best surgeons of all New York. Transferring for a personal matter. 

"So. Mrs. Winston, it says here that you have everything I need to hire you. We're really short staffed, small town and all. Can I ask why you're in Charming ?" She folded her hands and waited patiently for the young girls answers.

"Well, I just lost my husband, and this is home. Figured as long as I'm doing what I love, which is helping people, ill be alright. " Margret was pleased with Josephine's answers and smiled.

"I'll give you a call when I've made a decision, thank you so much for applying. "Josephine led herself out of the doctors office and to her rental.

It's been six whole years since she's been back in her hometown. She took a moment to herself to breathe it all in. She never thought she would come back here to live, not after what happened with Jax.  She met her brother, and father at their favorite diner, every now and then, mainly holdidays, but she stayed away from Samcro. Not wanting anything to do with the life. She left, moved across country.  Started college, met a man, and started her life. And there's only one reason why she's back, she wants revenge on the man who killed her husband, and her child.

"Yeah" Of course this was the way her brother answered his prepaid.

"Brother" Josephine smiled into the phone, finding comfort in his voice. Opie chuckled into the line.

"JoJo, nice to hear from you. "She sighed.

"I'm in town, I need to talk. I'll meet you at the clubhouse . "She hung up quickly before he could question as to why after all this time would she be willingly to see the guys. Or what she needed to talk about,  if she was okay.

She sat in her car, waiting for her brother to show. Her ocean blues hidden by the large raybans. A floral dress shirt and a pair of dress pants with her heels was her attire. When she heard the loud rumble of bikes, her palms started to sweat. She kept her breathing steady, and at a normal rate. She grabbed her phone from her purse, and taking her keys out the ignition, she opened her door and got out, slamming it shut behind her. 

"Josephine Winston, it's good to see you." Clay was the first to speak to her, as he embraced her into a hug. She was hesitant but hugged back.

"I need your help. " He nodded, morning his hands for her to follow him into the chapel. The men took their seats. Even Jax. The man who broke her heart, and the man she refused to see all of these years .

"Now some of you know and some of you don't know of JoJo Winston, but she's here today to seek our help. She's the only female we ever accepted as a member so show her all the respect you would show myself or Jax. JoJo, the tables yours ." Josephine stood, running her small fingers through her hair.

"Hello, fellas. It's nice to see you all again, I know it's been a few. I need your help, and this is all I ask of the club. I need a man by the name of Austin Connoley  found, the reasons are personal. But as a Winston, my word should be enough. If you cannot help I understand. I'll leave you all to decide. Have Op call me when a decision has come to terms." After finishing her speech, she walked out of the chapel, the doors shut behind her.

There were too many memories in this town. She sat in her SUV for a few minutes and looked around. She had her first kiss on top of the roof. Jax and her's favorite spot to get away and think . Tears welded into her eyes, as she headed home, well, to her dad's cabin. She needed to see him, her old man.

"Pop" She banged on the wood door loudly. Her father was now on oxygen tanks, how he still managed to ride always stunned Jojo.

"My babygirl " Piney says, opening the door and practically suffocating her in a hug. She hugged her father back.

"I didn't know you were coming. " They both took a seat in the living room. Piney In his favorite football watching chair, and Josephine on the sofa. She practically grew up in this cabin every summer. Her and Op always played nerf gun wars, water balloon tosses, bb gun battles.

"Yeah, I just flew in this morning." Josephine smiled at her father, knowing he probably didn't tell her exactly how bad his health was, and he only had maybe 10 years at most left. This saddened her.

"How's miss Mae ?" Piney asked his daughter, and her silence worried him. "Josephine, what's happened?"

Her eyes began to tear up, but she tried to remain intact. "Mae and James are gone , pop. They were murdered." Piney immediately comforted his daughter and his heart broke for her. His granddaughter and son in law are gone. The two people his daughter held most to her, her 3 year old daughter ,  who looked just like her, and the man who she was the happiest with. A good kid.

"Im So, so sorry baby" Piney smoothed the top of her blonde hair down. She nodded and looked at her father.

"I asked the club for help. The killer, is in California , I tracked him here but I lost him. " Piney nodded, agreeing that Samcro was the best option of getting justice for this .

"I'm going to head to the club house,  why don't you stay here and get some rest. I'll be back soon .  " Josephine agreed to rest here for the moment and watched as her father left. She headed back into her old room, and got in the bed, realizing just how messed up her life has become.

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