Decision: Join Chris And Ashley

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I quickly run after Chris and Ashley to catch up with him.

"wait for me,im going to help you search that.... That thing" I say.
"you mean a spirit board?" Ashley says. "yeah whatever" I say and shrug my shoulders.
We walk further downstairs.
"This place has 2 basements?!" I say in awe. "why would you need 2 basements?" I ask.

"I don't know, too much money?" Chris says and shrugs his shoulders.
We looked through the basement.
Suddenly Ashley jumps and screams. "Did you hear that?" she says.
"hear what?" I say and shrug my shoulders.
"must be the wind" Chris says and keeps walking.
We walk further into the basement and see a huge basket with all kinds of stuff in it.
"wow look at this" Chris says and gestures us to come over.
We walk over to him and see a huge basket with all kinds of stuff in there.

"is the spirit board in there?" Ashley ask. Chris looks around and grabs a board. "Bingo!" he says and hands over the board to me.
He then jumps up in excitement and holds a huge as monk clothing jacket.
"what is that?" Ashley ask.
Chris turns around and grabs a mask from the basket and puts it on.
"this... My friend is my newest prank I'm about to pull" Chris says.
I look at him, questionable.
"Sam and Josh are in the other basement right?" Chris ask. I nod "why?" I ask.
He smiles "you'll hear" he says and walks away to the other basement.
"well okay" I say and walk the stairs up.
"Ashley. Are you coming?" I say.
She smiles and nods. "yeah Uhm yeah" she says and walks over to me.
I stop her before she can walk further.
"So?" I say and smile.
"so what?" she ask and smiles a little.
"you and Chris dummy, he's obviously into you" I say and punch her softly.
"no he isn't" she says and smiles. I shake my head. "I see the way he looks at you Ashley and I'm going to be honest with you, no man looks at a girl like that if he's not into her" I say and then walk away.
She smiles and then follows me on the stairs.

We walk into the living room and see Josh, Sam and Chris walking into the room. Josh and Chris are laughing. Sam is not so pleased.
"So who's ready for some haunting spirits!" I say and hold the board up in the air.
"No thank you I've had enough scaring tonight I have a hot bath waiting for me" she says and walks up the stairs.
"that leaves us 4" Josh says and walks over to the dining room.

× To be continued ×

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