Chapter 39.

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I was woken up the next morning by Harry peppering kisses all over my face, bribing me out of bed with a cup of coffee, telling me I needed to get up and shower, it was a big day and I had to get dressed.

He sat on the bed with his arms folded pouting like a toddler when I refused to let him shower with me, but I knew that if I let him I would definitely be late for my interview.

He stood perched against the counter in the bathroom watching as I did my makeup, reassuring me over the bruises on my face, telling me they'd be gone soon and how good of a job I did at covering them.

I could still see the sad look in his eyes when he spoke about them, but I found myself slowly feeling better about the state of my face, finding the silver lining in the fact that if it wasn't for that night with Andy things wouldn't be the way they are between Harry and I right now.

Whatever this thing is between us, I still don't know what to call it.

I nearly fell over in shock when Harry said he was coming to my interview and waiting till I was done, making sure we left early enough for him to stop by his apartment, shower quickly and get dressed.

My stomach wouldn't stop doing cartwheels inside me when he threaded his fingers with mine while we walked to my car when we left his apartment, mixed with the constant words of encouragement telling me how fantastic I'll do today, and I have nothing to worry about.

I know Harry was out of line sending my resume in, and it was a crazy thing for him to do and it wasn't his place, but I think maybe he knew it was something I'd never do for myself and I appreciate the encouragement.

I think his heart, which I'm learning recently that he actually possesses one, was in the right place, even if his logic was out of whack.

By the time we reached the animal shelter I was beside myself with anxiety, and Harry could tell, although the way he tried to take my mind off of it still has my head spinning.

One minute we were just sitting in the car, parked in the car park, next thing I know I'm being pulled over the centre console into his lap with his fingers threading in my hair while he kissed me that passionately I forgot what day it even was.

I don't know if I feel better or worse after that, I wasn't planning on walking into my interview flustered and wanting to cross my legs.

But here goes nothing I guess.


Harry is leant against my car in the parking lot, scrolling through his phone when I walk out after my interview and the smile that breaks out over his face when he looks up and notices me nearly makes me trip over my own feet and kiss the concrete.

When I reach him I press my lips together firmly to fight hide my own smile, while I smooth my hands down the front of my sun dress.

They said to dress casual in the confirmation email they sent me, when I told Harry he said to go naked - he fucking wishes.

I'm suffocated by how strong my feelings are becoming for him, and it's terrifying, I never knew butterflies in your stomach could feel so painful at the same time.

I just hope one day this uncertainty with him goes away.

He puts his phone back in his pocket, and cocks his head to the side with a smirk "How'd my little mouse do?"

I blow out a slow breath, slumping my shoulders "I didn't get the job"

Harrys face drops and he straightens, creasing his brows "What?"

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