Part 42 - Goodbye, Pete

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"Pete...please. I don't want to leave you" I shook my head.
"It's for your safety. Please. I will follow you from behind, I'm promise" Pete kissed my head and tried to figure out the bomb wires on his chest.

He's in this situation because of me. He attacked my weaknesses. The kidnapper used Calum and his friends also Pete to make sure I came there so he can kill me.

This shit is fuck up. Now, only Calum, Pete and Me in here. The rest already ran out like I told them. The police didn't arrive yet and I can't let anyone hurt them so I did it by myself.

The kidnapper died. I won't let anyone hurt my friends like this.

"I know you can't do it because of your trauma. It's okay. I will be fine. I learnt about it too" Pete smiled.

He still can smile in this dangerous situation.
"Calum, please bring her out from here" Pete looked at Calum who still stood behind me.

Calum froze.
"Dude! Now!" Pete shouted to him. That time Calum grabbed my wrist and dragged me out from there.

"Pete!! No! Let me go,Cal!" I screamed and cried at the same time.

I pushed Calum from me but he ended up carrying me on his shoulder. He walked out from the old house.

It feels like a few minutes later, the old house's kitchen exploded. That's the nearest where Pete sat.

I wanted to run into the old house again but Calum stopped me by holding my waist.

"Pete!!!" I yelled.

"There he is!" Ashton shouted and at the same time we can hear the sirens from few metres away.

I looked at where Ashton pointed too. Yes, there's Pete came out bleeding all over him. The glasses in the old house just attacked him when it exploded.

His back body burned like 60% because of the bomb.

I ran up to him and he just fell onto the ground.

"Oh my God... Pete stay awake.." I sobbed and held him in my arms.

"Sweetie..." he smiled a little. His hand slowly raised up to touch my cheek.

I held his hand on my cheek. "I'm sorry... because of me you got involved too" I cried.

"Shhh...don't cried" his voice started to become slow.

"The ambulance will be here soon. Please... please stay with me" I looked at him in tears.

He just smiled to me. He didn't say anything again.

"Pete, please I love you. You hear that?" I whispered to his ear. He blinked his eyes when he looked at me. I knew he heard it.

"So, stay with me. I'm begging you" I kissed his cheek. I don't care about his blood on his face. I just want him to be safe.

"Say something, Pete"

"I ..saw ....angel" he whispered and weakly smile.

"I love you" I kissed his lips and I wanted to accept him. But this shit happened.

"Goodbye sweetie" he mumbled very slow that I can hear when I close to him.

I put my forehead on his chest. I didn't feel his heartbeat anymore. I cried my heart out.

"Miss, are you hurt? Paramedic talked to me and pulled me apart from Pete.

"I'm fine. Very fine just I want to be with him" I pushed the paramedic's hand and tried to get Pete.

"Miss, we have to check on you"

"I'm fucking fine!" I yelled and that time someone hugged me.

"He can't leave me like that" I cried on his chest.

"Calum.. he can't leave me...make him awake" I looked up to Calum. He shook his head.

"Pete!!!!" I screamed.

I suddenly woke up from the bed. Everything white. I slowly sat on the bed and looked at my hands. Wires everywhere.

"Pete?" I looked around. Is that true?

It's not one of my nightmares? "Pete!" I screamed my heart out. Then, Calum rushed comes to me.

"Where's Pete?" I looked at him. He wore black suits and I knew what it means.

"He's gone,Nat" Calum sat on the bed beside me.
"I want to meet him. Please call him" I can't handle my tears and it fell down.

Calum hugged me and I pushed him away.
"I don't want you. I want Pete" I laid on the bed again. I pushed him away again.

"I don't need you" I mumbled.

Rest in peace, Pete

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