Part 41 - Pete

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Song recommend: Never Coming Back by Amy Shark

"I think you should just leave me here, cause I'm never coming home even though I will miss you,babe"

I speechless but it took me few seconds to realise the real life. I pushed his chest and slapped his cheek.

Calum doesn't speak anything and touched his cheek. It's red.

"You easily broke up and fuck other girl after 6 months and now, you just kissed me like you did nothing wrong?" I hit his chest.

"Who do you think I am huh? Your doll?" I pointed to his chest.

"I knew I did a mistake" Calum mumbled.

"Fucking big mistake and I say to you right now,dude. I don't love you anymore. I just don't want to see your face anymore. That's why I ran away. That's why I lied this whole time. I'm so sick of your game towards me"

"But Nat... hear my explanation" Calum held my hands to his chest.
"What explanation? On how you can fuck with that bitch?" I pulled my hands from him.

"No.." Calum whined and rubbed his face.

"Just don't find me anymore,Calum. If you see me somewhere, just pretend that we never know each other. I'm tired..." I shook my head and walked by hitting his shoulder.

"Last chance,Nat. Please. I'm begging you" he shouted. I stopped walking.

"Please..." Calum stuttered.

I sighed and walked to my car.

"You sure on what you did,Nat?" Dandra talked to me when I got into the car. I knew she saw everything from the car.

"I just need to meet Pete right now" I sighed.
"You told me you still love him right?" She still asked me about Calum.

"Yeah but after what he did to me... I don't know anymore" I shrugged.
"I think you should meet your lifesaver now. You are miserable" Dandra looked at me.

I kept silent. I'm trying my best to hide but today, I didn't realise Calum was there too. I shook my head. This shit stressed me out.

"Heyy... what's wrong actually?" Pete shocked when I just went to hug him when he arrived at my apartment.

"I tried my best to forget it but I can't" I looked up to him.
"Forget about what?" He knitted his eyebrows.

"Remember that we supposed to have lunch with the others but you can't join us because you have work to do?"

"Yeah it's like today. Of course I still remember" Pete sat on the couch right beside me.

"I met Calum" I looked at him. His eyes bulged out.
"He saw you?"
"Yeah, he talked to me too and now he knew I'm not in the army anymore. His friends also knew it because all of them were there" I groaned.

"Then what?" Pete impatience to make me continue what happened during lunch.

"We argued there and I just walked out from the restaurant, I didn't want to create any drama there but he stopped me" I looked down.

Pete held my chin and brought it up.

"He asked for the last chance" I looked at Pete.

Pete stared on me. Empty.
"You agree?"

"I don't say anything and just walked away" I didn't told him about the kiss because Pete told me before he still loves me and didn't care if I took a long time to accept him again.

But my heart is belong to someone else. The one who I tried to throw away from my life but I can't.

"That's why I ask you to accept me again. So you won't feel this" Pete chuckled and made it sounds like a joke but I knew he meant it.

"Pete.... we talked about this right?" I looked at him.

Besides, Pete did know that I still love Calum and that's make me feel real bad when he still with me even I said I love other guy.

"I knew. Don't take it serious" Pete hugged me.
"I'm sorry,buddy" I looked at him.
"I'm bored to hear you say that you feel sorry" He shook his head.

"Sorry" I mumbled.
"But Nat, I have something for you" He brought out a small box from his pocket.

"Pete....." I looked at the small box. I knew what in there.

"Sweetie, I don't force you to accept it now. I just want you to keep it. No pressure" Pete smiled.

"But I can't accept this you know.... it must be expensive too" I opened the box and yes it's Pandora.

"I know it. Just I want you to wear it when you're ready but if you don't, you just can take it as my last gift" Pete pinched my cheeks.

"Are you going somewhere?" I looked at him.
"No, I'm still here" Pete chuckled.
"Then, you said the last gift for me" I hugged him.

"Nahhh, next time I can't give you gift like this again if you back to him" Pete pokes my nose.
"Why not? You still my best of friend"

"You just talking too much" Pete kissed my cheek.

I smiled when I heard the same thing from Calum that day.
"But, thanks" I showed the small box to him. He nodded.

That's how my days went after I ran away. I stayed in my apartment and Pete just accompany me for movies and be there to listen all my problems, my nightmares.

But something happened very quick.

I also didn't know I'm gonna miss his laughs, stupid jokes and warm hugs. Also his voice when he called me 'Sweetie'.

What happened to Pete? Is he fine?

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