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not what you're expecting


use of drugs


he didn't even know how he had gotton there, one moment he was cuddling with his boyfriend who just coincidentally was a mafia leader, the next he was thrown into a truck and then into a dark basement, after being given a cup of suspicious looking water, but he was too far gone to resist.

taehyung gritted his teeth as he pulled at the restraints, did they really have to cuff him, chain him to the dirty wall and floor, i and lock the darn door?

the door opened to reveal a man, and in the dim lighting taehyung could make out a male in his early twenties, probably older than him, and damn, was that jawline sharp.

"damn,"the male hummed, stopping in front of the slightly kneeling boy,"i knew jeon's plaything would be pretty but i never would've thought you were this beautiful."

he smirked,"jeon got himself a jackpot."

taehyung rolled his eyes and spat rudely, "i'm not his plaything, let me go."

"ooh,"the man mused, taking a seat on the chair nearby as he brought his leg up, dragging it onto the other."i always loved myself a feisty one."

taehyung scoffed, tugging at the chains, "you're fucking disgusting. let me go now."

the man's eyes visibly darkened, and with a harsh push of the chair, he held taehyung's chin up, glaring straight into taehyung's deep eyes.

"do you have any idea who i am, huh? i'n jung fucking hoseok. what right do you," he smirked, anger in his eyes gone and replaced quickly by amusement, "a mere toy, have to tell me what to do? jeon isn't coming for you."

taehyung stiffened, pulling away quickly and backing against the dusty wall,"yes he is. j'kook's coming, and he'll kill you."

hoseok smiled, sending chills down taehyung's back,"foolish.what is your name, doll?"

taehyung glared at him, "jungkook's coming for me."as if mad, hoseok's smirk fell for a second, before he started laughing maniacally.

"you?"he pointed to the now hugging his knees, male, while bending over as he laughed like a madman,"he's not going to come, doll! jeon's only used you. he could go about getting other toys to play with, you weren't special. i could really take care of you, a doll like you deserves better. i saved you, taehyung."

seeing as to how, ironically weak-minded the younger was, only 19, and hoseok knew it.

taehyung sniffled but refused to tear up, as a choked sob left his lips, voice shaky, "r-really?"

"yes.now i wouldn't lie, right?"

he stared right into taehyung's brown ones, eye contact keeping for over two minutes, before taehyung reached his breaking point.

hoseok chuckled darkly.

"h-hyung," taehyung whispered, "hyung jungkook- he used me."

hoseok smirked, and wrapped his arms around the younger.

"don't worry, i'm here.hyung's here..."

"and i'll never let you go."

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