Chapter 1

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I looked at him and he smiled at me, squeezing my hand gently. We were driving towards the house and my heart wouldn't stop jumping in my chest.

"Babe calm down. Trust me, everyone's gonna love you and you're gonna feel at home right away" He said softly.

I managed to give him a little smile and looked ahead of me.

It had been two weeks since he proposed to me and without any kind of second thoughts, I said yes. How could I not? He was everything that I could ever ask for. He was absolutely perfect. He had all the good looks and was equally patient and kind. After he proposed, we got engaged soon and now, he wanted me to meet his family. And here we were. He pulled up to the huge house and I could see the happiness radiating from his features. He opened the door and exited the vehicle quickly. He was immediately engulfed in a hug by a rather sweet looking dark haired man. They greeted each other and laughed right after. I slowly stepped out of the car and smoothed my clothes. He pushed who I assumed to be his brother towards me.

"Hi. I'm Taehyung." The guy smiled warmly and extended his hand towards me.

"Hey Taehyung. I'm Jennie" I said as I shook his hand a little and smiled back.

"Oh no, it's just Tae for you. Taehyung sounds too formal" He smiled wider, his eyes becoming too small as the smile spread on his cheeks. "Congrats on being engaged to this idiot" Taehyung grabbed Jin and ruffled his hair.

"Where's Lisa?" Jin asked turning his head towards the house and pushing his younger brother playfully.

"Oh come on, we all know how she is. As wild as the wind" Taehyung replied. Jin simply nodded.

"Let's go in. I want you to meet the rest of the family" Jin took my hand and was starting to pull me towards the house when we heard a loud roar coming from behind us. Turning around, I figured that the roar was coming from the Harley that had now stopped in front of us. I wondered who the person riding the bike was and soon enough, my question was answered when she took off the helmet that was making her face invisible before.

It was the first time that I ever saw her. Granted, I had heard a lot about her from Jin but seeing her right in front of my eyes took my breath away.

She quickly got off the bike and I looked at Jin who now had a wide smile plastered on his face. He took a few steps towards her and she wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"Oppa! I missed your annoying ass so much!" She teased him as she let him go.

"Yeah I missed you too baby sister" Jin shook his head, smiling and she was quick to return the smile.

She definitely had one of the best smiles that I had ever seen. It was the kind that made you smile too as soon as you saw hers.

"Lis, this is Jennie" Jin said as he turned the attention of the conversation towards me. She walked towards me as she took off her leather gloves. She took my hands in hers and I was shocked at how soft her hands felt in mine.

"She's absolutely gorgeous" She told Jin as soon as our eyes met. Her gaze was intense and yet comforting.

"I'm Lisa" She released my hands and gave me a bright smile.

"Hi. I'm Jennie" I said, rather silently.

"Let's go. Mom and dad are waiting inside" Taehyung grinned as he draped his arm around Lisa's shoulder.

"Yeah let's go babe" Jin took hold of my hand again.

"Well I'm gonna go and take a shower. I'll catch up with y'all soon" Lisa spoke.

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